Your Ticket to Peace and Prosperity

I recently read these words:

Either you can think of life as a series of rights and entitlements or you can think about life as a series of responsibilities.

Most people are quick to criticize and complain about the CEO, but few want his responsibility, because they fear it. The most powerful people in the world own the most responsibility. A mentor once told me that you won’t grow until you step out of your comfort zone and willingly accept more responsibility. That’s why most people aren’t promoted, they are afraid of responsibility and it shows. He said the more responsibility you accept, the more confidence you’ll feel. Confidence does not come from entitlement. Entitlement creates dependency. Confidence comes from inside yourself, by accepting the power you already have. Responsibility is owning your own power.

Take responsibility for your thoughts. To own yourself is to own your thoughts. Your habitual mental mindset is what makes you act and feel as you do. Thought is the root of self-control. Without self-control you’re dust in the wind. Once you make a conscious, deliberate, sustained, effort to control and direct your thoughts, you’ll be amazed how quickly your life will change.

Your first responsibility is to take care of yourself. Some of us miss that one, and try to go directly to taking responsibility for others. It’s a way of ignoring the messes we are making by focusing on someone else’s shortcomings. Always start with yourself, because the only thing that you can control is yourself. All other control is delusional.

What responsibilities are you neglecting?

Do you need to take responsibility…

These aren’t things you have to do, they are wonderful things you get to do. Accepting your responsibilities to yourself is the center of self-empowerment. These are the things you want in life. At the core of who you really are, you desire more responsibility, but our schooling teaches us to fear responsibility and run from it. Responsibility itself isn’t difficult. Pushing your ego and your fear aside is. But do it… Responsibility leads to joy. Don’t resist it, accept it.


In responsibility lies your ticket to peace and prosperity

Because responsibility is the foundation of true freedom.

8 thoughts on “Your Ticket to Peace and Prosperity”

  1. Steve,

    This article looks like my own list of things I’m doing en things to do, I’m very surprised to see it on someone else words. Really down to earth!

  2. Hi Steve – this is a great post. When people are given choices, they are more likely to appreciate it because they chose it rather than having it forced upon them. I was able to appreciate this point thanks to your post.

  3. Great list! I would add something about helping others. Sometimes great fulfillment comes through lending a helping hand. Helping others come closer to achieving their goals or dreams.

  4. Now sure if this will come out the way I’m thinking it, but with the current political atmosphere in this country (U.S.), you got me wondering… Responsibility = Confidence (agreed).

    Entitlement… the downside being that those that have worked their way up through the ranks do have a tendency to see themselves in an “entitled” position. Granted hard work may have gotten someone somewhere, but when you start to believe you are now entitled to even the better things of life (hard worker or not) that’s when all hell breaks loose. You forget who you really are and just start seeing others as pawns and tools to get more of what you want.

    Sorry, I’m positive that didn’t come out the way I’m thinking it, but maybe you get the idea of where I was going with it…?? Just having strange moments of political depression LOL!

    I do understand and agree with your post, and thanks for letting me ramble!

  5. “These aren’t things you have to do, they are wonderful things you get to do.”
    That’s the best part. Taking responsibility sets you FREE!!!!

  6. If there is one thing I am probably not taking enough responsibility for right now, it’s taking care of my environment – my home. I feel like it’s out of my control because I live with other people but I know that’s not really true because we all live here together and should take equal responsibility.

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