You Are What You Choose To Do Next

Social sorting keeps us from becoming the people we were meant to be.

What you really are, can’t be classified by anyone but you. Your social status is a mental abstraction. It may be collective, but it is still an abstraction.

When you were in high school, you weren’t a jock, a burnout, a punker, a wannabe, a jell, a freak, a geek, a nerd, a preppie, a brain, or any other classification.

Social sorting happens early and often in our government schools. They were designed as a factory sorting system using scientific management. While the people have changed and the cosmetics have changed the base system is no different. It starts with the first pre-K screening and never ends. My file was paper and is probably long gone (I’ve asked for it and they can’t find it), but today the labels assigned to you will stick in a computer forever. The problem with this system is breaking free from the labels that bind you. The place you break free is in your own mind.

I find forms that ask for race particularly offensive. I usually check “other” and write in “human.” That really pisses off bureaucrats. They think I’m being a smart ass when I am being honest.

You aren’t what someone names you. You aren’t what you’ve done. You aren’t a diagnosis or a disease or a disorder. You aren’t how much money you have. You aren’t your test scores or your wins and losses. You are what you choose to do next.

8 thoughts on “You Are What You Choose To Do Next”

  1. Excellent point, it is funny to point out the value people give to words.
    For example, asking someone what they do for a living, instead of telling you what they do, they tell you i am an accountant, lawyer, etc.

    Which to me is a bit stupid because you do more then that.

  2. Nice Article Steve!

    I’ve always prided my self on not being in any label. I copy what I like an encorporate it into my ‘style’ that may make me a wanna-be but who cares. I enjoy it!


  3. What it boils down to is that labels are limiters. Whenever I’m asked what I am, I like to respond that I’m a Rennaissance man. Let them figure out what I mean.

  4. Unfortunately many of us give up in getting what they want only because they fall in routine and because they are afraid. they avoid even in showing their real face, expectations and in the end are giving up to dreams and aspirations. No one is what it seems to be at first sign.

  5. Human! I second that. I despise race, politcal party, income, marital status questionaires. My rights, by my very existance, preceed your classifications. That I have realized that, I am now a threat to your system.

    Awake your freinds, your neightbors! We are human!

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