Who is Steve Olson and What is This Website About?

I’ve picked up thousands of new visitors and hundreds of new subscribers over the past ten days, so I am going to take this opportunity to share with you who I am and what this website is about.

I am a 38 year old father of two boys ages 2 and 4. We live in a suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota. I have been with my wife Christine (also 38) for almost 19 years.

I work in the tech field and currently manage one of the finest Oracle e-business teams ever assembled. Am I bragging? Yep. But they are that good! Several days ago Oracle called one of our developers to solve a problem. I have a great job working with great people at a great company.

During the dot com era, Christine and I founded, operated, and sold music1search.com (no link – there is nothing there anymore) to CDconnection.com.

Some readers have asked about my educational background:
I attended a mix of public and religious schools for 12 years. My educational experience was a nightmare. Authorities threw me out of school several times and I barely earned a diploma. Every skill that has led to financial or personal gain I learned outside of the classroom. I am not a fan of traditional schooling.

Christine is an entrepreneur and runs a home-based internet bookselling business. She has recently expanded outside the book niche and into collectables and purses. She has realized 100% annual growth each year since she started the company in 2003. She sells her wares on eBay, Amazon Marketplace, Albris, ABE, and she recently set up her own website at www.soconik.com. When we started this blog, I hoped she would write frequent posts about her growing home based business, but she doesn’t have the time and passion for writing that I do, so her posts are infrequent, but I will keep you updated with any useful information about her growing company.

Christine and I have goals for our personal lives and for our family.

We plan to keep our children out of government and religious school systems.

Over the next several years, Christine plans to expand her business into a warehouse and multiple retail locations and I plan to help Christine grow her business while transitioning from corporate work to freelance content creation.

This website doesn’t serve a specific niche like some sites. This site is about life and the reality I see around me everyday. One post may be philosophical and another may be about parenting. I have strong interests in entrepreneurship, personal/financial growth, personal/political freedom, mysticism, and education. Most of my posts are anecdotes meant to provoke thought. Right now I am studying Zen Buddhism, so some of the current posts have a Zen flavor. Sometimes I make a post about something trivial but valuable to visitors, like the popular piece on automobile check engine lights. Many experts tell me to stick with a niche, but this site isn’t like that, it’s eclectic.

As passionate as I am about freedom, I am equally passionate about responsibility, so some posts are about achieving personal freedom by accepting responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Since I am working full-time and writing part-time, I only post 2-4 times per week.

Thanks for visiting, reading, and supporting this site!

You can learn more by reading Why I Blog and about steve-olson.com (which I will update soon).

Please support steve-olson.com by buying books from Christine.

12 thoughts on “Who is Steve Olson and What is This Website About?”

  1. Very cool post. I’ve got to get my son one of those bomber jackets. We just went to the Royal Canadian Air Force museum and now he wants to be a pilot.

    Didn’t know you lived in the Twin Cities. I always thought that Minneapolis is a suburb of Canada. 😉 Haven’t we already taken over like 1/2 the city?

    Shame about the Wild getting eliminated.

  2. Scott,


    I lived near Fargo ND when I was younger and you Canadians were everywhere. Even down here in the Twin Cities I get the occasional Canadian quarter with my change.

    I have fond memories of traveling to Winnipeg as a child. I returned in the late 90s and it seemed that it had lost some of its charm. It was much more like an American city with lots of crime and urban decay. Too bad, maybe its better today.

    The Wild deserved to be eliminated. The Ducks are a far better team. No hockey in May this year.

  3. I love your family. It’s the all American family! 🙂 This gave me the warm fuzzies and made me hug my kids and spouse. We have so many things in common: I am an Oracle alumnus, I have kids the same age and have an entrepreneurial bent as you do. Plus the blogging/writing! Cool huh?

  4. Hi Steve,

    Agree with JW that you’ve a beautiful family 🙂

    Just out of curiousity, are you planning home study for your kids as you’ve mentioned that you planned to keep our children out of government and religious school systems? If not, what about their education?

    That said, I have to agree with you that school education does not led one to financial and personal gain (in this case, I took it as financial and personal freedom as well) that we would like to have, it just tried to conform us and lead us to a 9-5 job, working for other people.

    In a recent report of an interview given by Bob Proctor, he also mentioned that the worst income earning strategy (trading time for money) is currently being used by 96% of the population, which is a result of what we learnt in school, along with other external factors as well.

    BTW, there are many schools of thoughts on Buddhism, why did you go for Zen Buddhism?

  5. Janice,

    My boys are 2 and 4 and my oldest will be Kindergarten age this fall. We are sending him to a private Montessori school. It goes through grade 8 (but it doesn’t really have grades). I’m not sure if that school is for us, but we are going to give it a try. We may still home school or send the boys to a Sudbury school.

    Bob Proctor says some amazing things about school. He’s usually right. Our school system is not built to encourage free enterprise; it is built to mold workers for the industrial economy.

    I just was drawn to the Zen flavor of Buddhism, I didn’t make a logical selection from various sects, it just happened to be the one I decided to read about. I’m not a Buddhist, but I do like the ideas Buddhism presents.

  6. Hi Steve

    I do heard good reviews of Montessori schools in general but also know that this is a franchise system, so the school culture differs between one another…


  7. Yep, I think this is great!
    Mind Control of the young – it happens all round the world. Rembember “The Wall” by Pink Floyd – and they went to a pretty decent school in Cambridge
    This may sound simple – like people are attracted to like – most adults are scared and fearful
    Like minds are attracted to like
    Like thoughts are attracted to like
    If you are interested, there is more at: NigelPendrigh. Com/Interview
    You have to be what you want to attract – open, happy, positive, confidnet people and they will help you be the same 🙂

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