What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?

I found this short scientific documentary from the BBC about the mysteries of gravity to be fascinating. It is humbling. We know so little about where we are.

Seth Godin tells us how he writes so many great blog posts

Does the possibility of time travel capture your imagination? Then you’ll love this article.

Badassdad tells us how to have a great day in 10 Ways to Claim Your Day.

We hear so much about climate change. But did you know there is a different scientific take on climate change than you normally hear? Keep your mind open.

Does your credit report need a makeover? 15 ways to improve your credit rating from Jeremy at GenX Finance.

Need a little positive emotion? Some inspiration? Take a look at this beautiful set of photographs from Rarindra Prakarsa.

Do you hate your job? Is it time to quit, but you don’t know what to do? Here is a guide to quitting a miserable job at Pick the Brain.


4 thoughts on “What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity?”

  1. Aren’t there several places on Earth where gravity is a little off? I think there was a show in Discovery that tackled mysteries like this. There’s supposedly a place on this planet where whatever you throw down on it will immediately shoot back up. Or something to that effect anyway. By the way, the link to the photos was great! The pictures are really inspiring. I almost can’t believe the trees there were real! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the nice collection of post links. I liked “10 Ways to Claim Your Day” and pray that I never require to read “guide to quitting a miserable job”

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