What Do You Think This Blog Is About?

I am a regular reader of both Success from the Nest and Chris Garrett on New Media.

Chris started a meme and tagged Tony and 29 other of his top commenters. Like Tony, I don’t participate in many memes, simply because they distract me from doing what I want to do with this blog. But this meme is outstanding. Even though neither Chris nor Tony tagged me I am going to join the meme and pass it on.

Chris Garrett’s idea fit perfectly into my theme this week – seeing yourself as others see you. Do your readers see your blog the same way you see it?

1. What do you think my blog is about? – Leave an answer in the comments or on your blog.

2. Then ask your audience what they think your blog is about.

I will tag:
Lyman Reed
Rick Cockrum

Chris Garrett’s original tags:

  1. mark
  2. Jen / domestika
  3. Jack
  4. Rajesh Shakya
  5. George
  6. Ashish Mohta
  7. Dawud Miracle
  8. Marc Chase
  9. Colbs
  10. Bes Zain
  11. Adam Snider
  12. Ashwin
  13. Roger Anderson
  14. Guilherme Zuhlke O’Connor
  15. Jan
  16. jhay
  17. Jermayn Parker
  18. Steve Smith
  19. raj
  20. Doug Karr
  21. Avinash
  22. Mark Silver
  23. Darren Cronian
  24. Chris Baskind
  25. Michael Martine
  26. John Wesley
  27. James
  28. Hsien Lei
  29. Tony D. Clark
  30. Liz Strauss

This post is the second installment of my Weekend Reader Appreciation series.

12 thoughts on “What Do You Think This Blog Is About?”

  1. Hi Steve!

    You asked what do I think your blog is about… what your aim is and what I think may be two different things, but I enjoy your blog because it helps me focus my thinking, my attitude, and my approach to life. I like the way you use everyday events and get me thinking. I don’t comment often, but I do appreciate your posts. Thanks!

  2. Steve,

    Cool idea! I think this blog is about making a difference.

    I am, shall we say, “memory challenged”. I can’t remember details to save my life, but I remember CONCEPTS very well. So, without peeking at your archives, or referencing any particular post(s), my feeling from you is that you genuinely want to cause positive changes in the world.

    Do I get a prize if I got the right answer??? LOL

  3. I think of your blog as a search for personal improvement and improvement of culture and government, especially as relates to education, freedom, and attitudes towards wealth.

  4. Hi, Steve,
    For me, this blog is Steve sharing about things he learns on his journey of self-discovery. Some of those things are interior/psychological, others are exterior like cool websites or entrepreneur stories. Some of it is grist to my mill, some of it isn’t, but I appreciate the honesty. This blog is Steve’s answer to the eternal questions “who or what am I?” What Steve writes is not THE ANSWER to the question; every day (or every time Steve blogs) there is a different answer.

  5. Hi Steve,
    To me your blog is about clear thinking and wondering, two of my favorite things . . . so maybe that’s why I see it that way. I enjoy watching how you approach a problem or an idea and seeing where you go with it.

    Your blog is also about heart and investment in what you do — being present. In other words, your blog is about you. If someone else wrote it and wrote the same ideas with the same conclusions . . . it wouldn’t be the same at all — not for me anyway.


  6. Hey Steve, thanks for the link! I’d never have found your blog if you hadn’t linked back to all of the original people in this post.

    I like the few posts I’ve read so far. You’re added to my GReader, now.

    As for what you blog is about, I haven’t been reading long enough to say.

  7. Cool idea!

    I think your blog is about Postive Self Improvement. However it might interest you to note that I in my bookmarks I have tagged it under “inspiration”, “faith”, and “character” (as in character building).


  8. Steve,

    Thanks for the tag. I keep telling myself “No More Memes”, but I can’t ever seem to resist them… oh well… just one more… 🙂

    I think your blog is about freedom, and the responsibility that goes along with, and is necessary to achieve, that freedom. Without being responsible for ourselves, we are always going to be a slave to someone else.

    And that’s not just because it’s in your tagline. 😉

  9. There it is. Making us think again.

    I thought of a lot of different things to write here about what I think your blog is about – a vehicle to give your thoughts on how to be free; of how corporate-think has pervaded big business and big government to benefit big business and big government; to express your views on politics, and education – but as I’ve read through the comments I’ve seen that we, as Chris mentioned, bring our own themes to what you write about. So I’m going to leave it at you write about what is uppermost in your mind and passions at the time, and leave it to us to make of it what we will.

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