What Are You Doing That Is Exceptional?

Seth Godin posted today about markets. And he specifically references the blog market – “Being exceptional matters most. Stand out, don’t fit in. Shun the non-believers.”

It got me thinking about this blog… What am I doing that is exceptional, stands out, doesn’t fit in? Am I shunning the non-believers?

What are you doing that is exceptional? Do you agree with shunning the non-believers? What does that mean?

3 thoughts on “What Are You Doing That Is Exceptional?”

  1. To me, the exceptional aspect of your blog is that it is both positive in outlook and encouragement without being hucksterish. So many “positive” blogs, the ones about improving yourself and your life and gaining control over your finances/health/outlook are trying to sell you something: a book, a subscription to their “amazing” system, their “incredible newsletter full of stuff” for $100/year.

    I certainly want to support you in supporting yourself, but I appreciate not being hammered with “buy now!” tactics every time I come here.

    Also, I appreciate you “simple” attitude, which I mean in a Waldenesque way: you don’t claim to be superhuman or have all the answers while you sip your margaritas in Tahita while living on your trust fund. You are a guy with a job and a family and high expectations of yourself. I like reading about what you are doing to keep yourself positive, motivated, and happy.

    That counts. So: Thank you!

  2. Kimboo,

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your words…
    That’s exactly what I was shooting for…simple, real, Waldenesque.
    I love Thoreau…he is a great inspiration.

    I’ve been really depressed about the direction some of this personal development stuff has turned… very tabloid – Amway-ish. Not my thing. never has been.

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