Were You Born Free or Programmed?

A lot of you are geeks like me, so I am going to start posting some tech related stuff.

From a March 1984 copy of Basic Computing:

I’m a geek from waaay back! Here is the table in my room in 1978. The child in the picture is my nephew who is 6 years younger than me. I was 9 at the time and he was 3. Note the cassette player I used for loading and saving programs. Gotta love cinder block and lumber shelving!

8 thoughts on “Were You Born Free or Programmed?”

  1. Um… ancient technology. I’ve never actually used tape for computers. (I started with 5 1/4 discs. I’ve actually never had to find out how tapes work until we had to simulate it in our assembly language course.

  2. I think we are all born programmed, just some people change a bit of the code along the way, some might struggle and some might hit the jackpot. Those who stick with the program want to be doctors from the age of five and turn out successful in the medical industry, for those who struggle to find what they truly love a lot of the time you can look back into your life and find clues to your programing you are lucky to have a picture as evidence of what you love.


  3. Thanks for the rememberence and the blast from the past this morning. I can remember back to the old tape drives that took forever to load. Regarding your query (another computer reference), I believe that we are not pre-programmed, and instead have much free will in our lives.

  4. I can’t help but wonder what our own kids will be saying about the computers they are using now! Can you imagine – “Do you remember way back when you actually had to carry your lap top around?”

  5. well that depends on what country are you, that I remember on that age computer is golden at my ear, never saw, yet dreamed to have one, but then money is an object.

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