Understanding Your Intelligence – The Best Resources

Do you have questions about intelligence?

  • What does it mean to be intelligent?
  • Why are so many highly intelligent people unhappy?
  • What is the link between high intelligence and insanity?
  • Why don’t precocious children become successful adults?
  • Why do so many people with below average intelligence think they are highly intelligent?
  • Why do so many highly intelligent people have low self-esteem?
  • Can you increase your intelligence?
  • How much of intelligence is genetic?
  • Is high intelligence a social disability?

So instead of trying to answer all these questions, I decided to provide you with some of my favorite websites, news articles, and blog posts about understanding intelligence. I will be updating this post as I find more resources. If you have links to resources on intelligence feel free to post them in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Understanding Your Intelligence – The Best Resources”

  1. Great collection Steve. A lot of great stuff I read this year and a lot of stuff I hadn’t seen. ‘How to Write More Clearly, Think More Clearly, and Learn Complex Material More Easily’ makes intelligence amazingly simply.

  2. What a great post – and a good question to persue, Steve. thanks for gathering these and for the way you toss ideas up to the rainbow for another look. The problem with intelligence often comes from the kinds of questions we ask of it:-)

    For instance – we ask .. “How smart are you?” … when a better question to ask is …”How are you smart?” The latter allows folks to engage and celebrate their multiple intelligences – and each one has a unique mix. Just a wee thought for a great discussion! Thanks for raising it so well, Steve! A wonderful read!

  3. Hi Steve, after looking over the work you gathered on this topic, which by the way took much time and effort, I’d like to ask a question:

    How are you intelligent, and what difference has that made in your life within the last five years?

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