This Christmas You have the Opportunity to Help Others

The Christmas season is about giving.

Yesterday a nearby apartment building erupted in flames leaving 200 people homeless in sub-zero temperatures. 19 families, three days before Christmas, are living in the Burnsville Minnesota High School.

Charles Wylie was doing laundry when the fire broke out. It didn’t
seem like a big deal at first, he says. “It didn’t even look like it
was going to spread to our apartment.”

But the fire quickly spread from one end of the building to the
other. Wylie figures everything he owns is gone, including Christmas
gifts for his three kids.

Many of the people who live in this apartment building have very little to begin with. So if you can afford to give something, here’s your opportunity.

The Goodman Group, which manages the complex, has created a fund
for the victims. There hasn’t been time to setup a website, so if you you’d
like to donate to the victims:

Make Checks Payable to:
U.S. Bank/Burncliff Apartments

Mail Checks to:
The Goodman Group
1107 Hazeltine Blvd #200
Chaska, MN 55318

You can contact the Goodman Group at (952)

Thanks so much for reading
The Olson family wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

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