The Solution to All Your Problems

Do you really want to solve them? Are you in debt? Out of work? Hate school? Having problems in your relationships? Legal issues? Are you out of shape? Unhealthy? Do you worry too much? Are you afraid? Do you lack energy? Are you tired all the time? Is your business failing? Maybe your candidate didn’t win the nomination.

We all have problems and there is an answer to most of them.

I am a student of the Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel , the last book Bill Gates read before he dropped out of Harvard, and as I was skimming the forward the other day, this jumped out at me…

The student who learns that all power comes from within, that he is weak only because he has depended on help from the outside, and who unhesitatingly throws himself on his own thought, instantly rights himself, stands erect, assumes a dominant attitude, and works miracles.

This is another way of saying, “Wake up! Take responsibility for your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Quit blaming. Quit letting other people do your thinking for you. Quit waiting for someone else to fix you. The only thing you control is you!”

The other day, I caught myself thinking, if only the kids were a little older then I could do X. I’ve been making these excuses my entire life! If it wasn’t the kids, it would be something else. It has nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with me.

We give other people too much power over our lives. Too often we use other people as the reason we can’t take care of ourselves. Other times we wait for them to fill our needs and expect them to solve our problems, while most of them aren’t even aware of our dependence because we don’t have the courage tell them, so instead of taking charge of our lives, we procrastinate and complain.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean that you don’t need relationships or other people in your life, you do. What I mean is that you shouldn’t depend on them to feel your personal power. You are powerful no matter what others choose to do, be, or think.

We also rely on material things like clothes, cars, titles, or (put anything but yourself here) to feel powerful. Some of us bury ourselves in debt to obtain these symbols of power, but material things don’t grant you power, they are merely reflections of the creative power you’ve already harnessed. They are an effect not a cause. If we need things to feel powerful we will always feel weak and needy.

All your power comes from within you, it isn’t granted to you by someone else, it is you. You are pure power. You just need to accept it, expand it, and wield it with compassion and love. Personal power is a decision, not a welfare check. It doesn’t show up on the 1st and 15th from George Bush. It is available to you whenever you choose to realize it is already there.

If you are still scratching your head…

Ask yourself… Where did everything ever created by a human being come from? Every invention, every mystery solved, every building, every fashion design, every book, every language, every work of art, every song, every luxury, and every so-called necessity? Every human creation began as a thought.

If you searched deep enough inside yourself you may even find the solution to death and taxes.

You are powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Live.

4 thoughts on “The Solution to All Your Problems”

  1. Well written. Thank you for the Wake up! I downloaded the “Master Key System” pdf and will start reading it. I have been listening the to audio books “The Key” & “The Science of Getting Rich” Both have been very inspirational. I have been working on clearing any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions and creating new positive ones that are in line with my goals.

    I have been working hard at actively monitoring my thoughts feelings and actions. It gets easier after you do it a while.

    “You need to be the sky and the clouds are the thoughts that float by” you You (the sky) are the remote observer watching the your thoughts(clouds) as they flow in and out of your consciousness. You get to pick the ones you focus on and let the other ones float on by. Joe Vitale said that or something like it in “The Key”. Another clearing method that was similar was to visualize releasing the thought you didn’t want and seeing it as a cloud witch just floats away. Don’t push it away, just let it float away on its own accord.

    Thanks again,


  2. Steve,
    Wise words about finding your power within. In fact where else would your power but inside of you. Too many times we look for something from the outside to validate what we know inside. That is a waste of energy and approval seeking is costly to your sense of self.

    Look no further than the strong sense of knowing that you can hear if you listen. That knowing is much more powerful than the ego’s need to be right.

    You are awesome, I am awesone, everyone else is awesome if we simply learn to be present to our own knowing within our hearts, our thoughts, our bodies, our higher resources.

    Keep up the great stimulating ideas, you will set many people on fire with the passion to make a difference.

    I am looking at having bloggers join together to do a kindness project to make a positive difference in the world. Check out my blog post today and let me know what you think.

    Joseph Bernard

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