The Obstacle Between You and Happiness

Over the Memorial Day weekend I spent time with an old friend. He doesn’t have job or a car and lives on less than $200.00 a week. He is looking for a job, but he already has what he needs and he knows it.

As we sat outside, watching fireworks, he said to me “I don’t care if you’re a billionaire or homeless, if you don’t have gratitude, you ain’t got nothing.”

With an atitude like that, how can you help but be happy?

In that moment I felt like a fool, because it’s easy to forget. When we are fixated on our goals we miss where we are and what we have to grateful for. When we feel pain, we disregard the good things in life.

I once read a story about a nun who volunteered to work with the criminally insane. When she was asked why she did it, she said, “Do you see that white wall behind you? Take your pencil and put a dot on the wall. Now look at the wall, the dot is what is wrong with the people I help. The white space is what is right with them. I don’t look for the dots, so I see what is right with them.”

For most of you who are reading this right now, your problems are smaller that the dot on the wall and the wonderful things surrounding you are bigger than the wall. Stop looking at the dot, it keeps you from seeing the wall.

Don’t let one little dot stand between you and hapiness.

5 thoughts on “The Obstacle Between You and Happiness”

  1. Great reminder, thanks Steve. I was recently thinking something similar when I started to get down on myself. I then thought about all the good in my life, and I quickly felt much better. Gratitude is a real key to life!

  2. Good one Steve, I realized the value of gratitude when I needed to write a list of things I was grateful for a few months ago and I could not come up with much. Talk about focusing on the dot. I forced myself to come up with a list of over ten things and each morning I started by being grateful. Let’s just say gratitude can change your life. Thanks for the reminder and sharing this information.



  3. How true. Sadly nobody these days evens stops to think about all the things that one has to be grateful about. In some rare instances, when people are moved by the experience of another less fortunate person will the coin drop about being grateful.

  4. Wow that is some philosophical thought to ponder!

    When I’m in difficult situation, I always remind myself that there are other people who’s issues are far greater than I have but still managed to push through with life. These thoughts help me ignore that “dot” and make me focus on solutions.

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