The New York Times Doesn't Consider Entrepreneurship an Occupation?

The New York Times offers this tool for determining your social class. When I looked under “Occupation” for Entrepreneur or Business Owner or Investor or Self-Employed, it wasn’t there. Please correct me if I am wrong. I dug for several minutes.

As the traditional media withers and dies, they still don’t value what you do… well… not enough to give it social status.

5 thoughts on “The New York Times Doesn't Consider Entrepreneurship an Occupation?”

  1. If you have seen the old New Yorker Map of America ( I did a very quick online search and did not see it.) Any way I think that is the same view the mainstream media has for all things new and threatening.

    This is not to say that they are always wrong. Weren’t we supposed to have 500 channels of great diversity available via the TV 20 years ago? Maybe the NY Times thinks this Social Networking and Entrepreneurship is just a fad. When they all lose their jobs at age 55 and have to do their own thing to pay the bills they might reconsider.

    Of course there are people who think that taking care of one’s children instead of having a paying job is not working too. Maybe that kind of “work” just is not valued…

    Thought provocation is a wonderful deed – thanks

  2. Thanks for the head’s up…I smell a letter to the editor! #1 read place in the newspaper, BTW. Try it, put your name email, your blog, and your phone number…you never know!

    Make a wish, make it happen,

  3. The good thing is, you’re doing it because you want to and need to – not for the social status, which is meaningless anyway! 🙂

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