The MyBlogLog Community Building Challenge

I need your help! Please join Wendy Piersall’s MyBlogLog Community!

Wendy Piersall from made a friendly challenge that between now and 10 PM Saturday February 24th she could add more community members to my MyBlogLog Community than I can add to hers.

Here’s how it works:

  • The loser gives bragging rights to the winner by posting a month long banner ad above the fold.
  • The loser will donate $25.00 cash to the entrepreneur of their choice at
  • Wendy and I will each give a random referrer the choice of receiving a $25.00 dollar Amazon Gift Certificate or having a $25.00 donation made on their behalf to a entrepreneur.
  • This means that an entrepreneur on Kiva could receive $75.00.

Wendy told me yesterday that she was scheming and planning, so I don’t know what underhanded treachery Wendy has afoot, but if she wins, you all are going to have to look at her banner on this site for the next month. Please don’t let that happen! Only you can prevent this tragedy from falling upon Help me win by joining Wendy’s MyBlogLog Community now. 🙂

For every blogger that helps to spread the word and gets people to sign up for Wendy’s MyBlogLog Community, I’ll give an extra $1.00. Either link to this post, or directly to Wendy’s MyBlogLog Community and let me know about it.

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