The Best Stuff of the Week 3-11-07

What Comedy Improv Taught Me About Life – by Jane Chin. I find her posts about improv fascinating because I am so afraid of improv. The more I read her posts the more I want to try to overcome my fear.

Simply Successful Secrets – by Aaron. What are your secrets to success? What do you do everyday that leads to success? Let us know. And Aaron… I will get around to posting mine… one day.

Places And Ways To Meet New People – How to be Cooler. I was just commenting to Christine how we need to get out and meet some new people.

The Outsiders – I don’t know if you were an underachiever, but I was. This article gave me great insights into my life and the lives of others. Having people tell you how smart you are throughout your childhood isn’t always a gift.

Using Archetypes to Develop Complex Characters – I do some writing other than blogging. I plan to do some quasi-fictional writing in the future and I love to study Archetypes.

About Me: I’m in a rock band – Humility from a Rock God. LOL

From the Writings of … – I can’t describe it in a sentence, but there is some amazing stuff here.

5 Common Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb – We all hate looking dumb, write? 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Best Stuff of the Week 3-11-07”

  1. Steve,

    I completely understand where the fear comes from.

    The fear may not “go away” but you get to coexist with it and still go for all the experiences you want to go for 🙂

    Jane Chin

  2. I especially like number 3 and 4. I’m an underachiever as well. And all people with kids should read number 4. It takes some effort and determination to still hang out with discover new things (and people) with the little ones around.


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