The Best Stuff of the Week 2-18-07

What a Buddhist Monk Taught Me About Blogging – Darren, I like how you helped a blogger under attack.

Test Your Buyer’s IQ: Quit Wasting Money On Costly Crap – Nice post Curly – but I waste most of my money on inexpensive crap. 🙂

What Should you Trust? – Nice picture, Ben

How Suburbia is Dangerous for Kids – I know this is right on. It doesn’t mean I’m leaving the suburbs. Having money, a big house, and an above average school system, doesn’t necessarily give your kids a better life. Hard to believe? It’s true. They don’t need stuff… They don’t even need great schools… They need time with you.

The Importance of Talking with Your Kids – And for God sake… Remember to listen to them.

Kids Thrive When They are Free From Over-Anxious Adults – I discovered this site this week and I love it. Not because I agree with it all, but because the writers say things many people think but are afraid to say.

A Wonderful Valentines Post – Excellent Story Liz

5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Intelligence – John hit the jackpot with this gem this week. Congrats John! Read his follow up 5 More Ways to Make the Most of Your Intelligence too.

5 Reasons Why Relationships Should be Your Top Priority – Donald gives us some great information about relationships.

Did your RSS Subscribers Double Over the Weekend? – John Chow explains why.

Top Commenter Plugin – Allen’s post strikes irony with me, because if it wasn’t for John Chow’s top commenter bar. I wouldn’t have found Allen’s blog.

6 thoughts on “The Best Stuff of the Week 2-18-07”

  1. That photo is disgusting…. I like the post about intelligence. Only problem is that I already do most of these things. How do I know get smarter (or less stupid?) 🙂


  2. Hello Steve,

    Yes, I am indeed one of the top commentators on John Chow’s blog, although I do not encourage using this plugin. Yes, I will not deny that I’m commenting mainly for the backlink, but I’ve never left a comment like “me too!” “hi there!”, “lol!” or anything that isn’t at the least considered somewhat CC/productive.

    Hope this clears some of the irony,

  3. Hey Steve,

    We added the top commentator plugin ourselves to increase comments, and something very very strange happend. Comments really picked up!

    And the comments weren’t bad at all. after all you can delete comments that don’t further the conversation and don’t help build the community around the blog… I had a brief discussion with Allen on his blog about this too.

    The backlink is nice, but for me it’s always powerful to contribute to the conversation and share perspective and ideas… maybe it’s a “blogger thing”. 🙂

    And on the RSS increase, hey – that’s still a bunch of new subscribers we didn’t know we had. So it as a very welcome surprise indeed.

    Glad you added the MyBlogLog widget – it’s funny, I just looked at it now and I know at leaset half the people on there. Maybe I blog and surf too much. Don’t tell Jennifer. 🙂

    Have an awesome day!

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