The Best of the Interweb 12-19-08

Tina Su rocks. I’ve always loved her blog Think Simple Now. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better she writes Overcoming Fear in an Economic Crisis. This is the part that should get your attention:

Suddenly, my hard earned, frugally saved, carefully budgeted savings appeared to have been chopped in half. Given that I don’t have guaranteed income, I am a single woman, and my net worth just declined significantly, conventional wisdom would say that I should be worried. I should be freaking out! But I’m not. I’m pretty happy, actually.


What can I change by becoming upset, anxious, or nervous? Nothing. By complaining or allowing my body to suffer through anxiety, I will accomplish nothing.

Then she goes on to share helpful advice. One point which is…

4. Stop Spreading Fear

Stop complaining about your economic pains, stop forwarding news articles of fear to your friends, stop talking about it, and start doing things within your control. If your immediate basic needs are threatened (ie. loss of job, shelter and food), take action, massive action, to help yourself. The only exception to talking about your economic situation is when you ask for help from others during a time of need.

They should give Tina a show on CNN! I’d watch it.

Alex Blackwell shares 10 Wonderful Gifts he received over his lifetime. These aren’t the kind of gifts that cost money. They are the kind of gifts that must be earned. We should all be lucky enough to find one of these gifts this Christmas Season. My favorite is…

Finding the courage to start-over. Starting over again is not a sign of defeat; it’s a sign of hope. It signifies where we were heading was not the proper destination, but we still have the energy and passion to keep going – albeit in a different direction. Starting over recharges our spirit and keeps us moving forward in life.

Many of us are finding out we have to start over right now. We may have to do it several times in our lifetime. Starting over isn’t an end but a beginning, a cleansing, and a renewal.

Andre at Tools for Thought goes in depth about taking action. He analyzes the importance a efficient action, but clarifies the difference between “making mistakes fast” and taking intelligent planned actions.

A few extra seconds of asking and answering “What’s the next action?” can save minutes or even hours of correcting fast mistakes made by prioritizing doing before thinking.

Some of us need this lesson in impulse control. God knows I do.

Donald over at Life Optimizer did something really cool. He examined delicious recommendations to compile a list 47 books to read in 2009. I’m a book lover too, and this is a high quality list. I highly recommend it.

If you’re an old gray gamer geek like me, you’ll love this 1983 Sears Christmas catalog electronic games section.

This animation of 24 hours of world air travel captures my imagination. It helps me visualize how we are one mass of humanity migrating around the globe daily.

The Billionaire Woman gives us 7 Reasons Why Trusting Yourself Will Improve Your Health. I like how she implodes four huge health myths.

2 thoughts on “The Best of the Interweb 12-19-08”

  1. I noticed that article as well and thought: here’s someone who totally understands. I think the sickening influence of the media adds to the fear.

  2. Not to take away from these excellent blogs. Guy Finley has a wonderful audio book out that is available on audible (dot) com called The Illusion of Limitation. It is based on a talk series he did on this subject and also that of fear and the subject of your blog. I’ve learned from Guy, the true meaning of how my lowest value I place on myself that is how I “BE” in this world, manifested. I totally “get” that I have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    While I can learn quite well from reading blogs, books etc on personal growth, sometimes listening brings the points home.

    Hopefully some day all blogs of these types will be available in audio form.

    Merry Christmas Steve and family.

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