Michael Haislip debunks 5 blogging myths. I’m not sure I agree with everything he says, but I love his strong voice and he makes some valid points.

Scott Adams gives powerful simple advice at the Dilbert Blog – The Day you Became a Better Writer.

This is the best article on children losing the freedom to explore and be independent that I have read. The map gives it visual meaning like never before. This issue has been bothering me for years. Now I have a 2 and 4 year old. What will I do? I’m afraid like the rest of them, but I know we need to give them independence. No one else does. So let’s say I allow my sons to ride their bikes miles from home when no other children are allowed to, doesn’t that make them the only targets available? I’m stuck. Maybe I’ll take them to the middle of North Dakota and let them roam. But them they might get run over by a heard of Buffalo. What’s a dad to do?

One of the best new parenting blogs around… husbandhood.

J.D at get rich slowly tells us the power of saying yes. This is the kind of post that changes the world.

John Wesley – who’s writing and posting just keeps getting better – just posted 11 multiple positives. What’s a multiple positive? You can read about them here.

Trevor gives us ideas on becoming a writer. If you write you are writer. What do you desire, to write, or to be read? Are they the same?

I just found the Brave New Traveler Blog today, and am I glad I did. Read this powerful, well written, inspiring post.

Steven gives us 5 ways to appreciate your children. On Father’s Day it is good to remember why we are fathers – to raise children. And to raise them well, we must remember to appreciate them.

I have the same problem as Michael. It’s stupid, but it keeps coming back. Listen… Listen…