The Best of the Internet 9-22-07

I hear people talk about how the world is becoming more dangerous and unstable and that the past was somehow safer and better. This selective recollection is not accurate. Our mass media creates the hysteria and Digg and Reddit are no better. Lately, the kingpins of social media paint a picture of reality that is far more negative that the mainstream media. Just count the negative titles on the front page of each website. In reality, our world is safer and more prosperous than ever before. Steven Pinker clearly illuminates the folly in believing that the world is becoming more dangerous. It isn’t. There is no evidence to suggest it. The evidence clearly shows that our world is becoming safer every day. We are evolving into what we were meant to be. We are experiencing a revolution of empathy. We are far short of perfection, but we gaining ground at an astounding rate and technology is propelling us forward.

This photo touched my heart.

The Five Step Creative Process on O’Reilly Digital Media.

A reader turned me on to Box of Crayons and the flash videos The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun and 5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding.

How to Cancer Proof your Body at Men’s Health.

Liz makes a blockbuster post – Seven Secrets to Fiercely Loyal Community of Readers.

Do you believe this is true? Did a married couple actually do this?

The new eMoms at Home Internet Home Business Magazine looks like a winner. Wendy is doing amazing things. I wish her the very best.

Chris Garret gives us some suggestions on how we can make the most of our resources.

4 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet 9-22-07”

  1. The world is being better as you said Steven. I would like to share this link: where we can see that population and wealth is increasing.

    And the more we learn and the more knowledge we gain, the better our world will be. The sad thing is that most goverments live in the past, and don’t realise the potential of their countries and people. But the main point is that the world is getting better 🙂

    The photo of the iraqi soldier hugging her child was touching, and raised for me the question why we must fight!? Which brings me to a documentary I would like to recommend: Why We Fight (

  2. That married couple could have realised that this was a sign that their marriage could be saved, if they treated each other with as much love and respect in real life as they did online. But hey, that would take some effort and change, so divorce is easier, right? *sigh*

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