The Best of the Internet 8-5-07

Hans Roslings 2006 talk at TED is one of the most eye opening inspiring messages I’ve seen. I’ve been telling people this for years. With a few exceptions, the world is becoming a better place every day. The sky isn’t falling and the things aren’t going to hell in a hand basket. Could things be better? Yes, and they are getting better and they will continue to get better. The shrinking of the globe via transportation, trade, and the internet is improving the lives of billions of people. Does globalization have problems? Yes, but it has far more opportunities to improve all of our lives. We certainly don’t want to go back to the world of the 1950s, when so many people lived in isolation from each other. Our natural desire is to expand and grow – globally.

I enjoy nostalgia. The Retroist has some good stuff. I really like the commercials he/she saved from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

I love to find tips on writing well. Here are 150 resources. I wish I had time to write more.

If you are a citizen journalist or just an amateur photographer, you probably know there are people that want to silence you. Don’t let them! Know your rights and carry a copy of them with you. You have as much right to photograph in public as anyone in the press.

American literacy rates are dismal. It isn’t because we spend too little on education; it’s because as a culture, we don’t value reading and writing. I don’t have to tell my readers this, but I will anyway… Do what you can support literacy. Read books, buy books, sell books, write books, and be part of the solution. We can turn this around one person at a time.

I’m not an anti-TV nazi, but I only watch about an hour a week. There are just so many other ways I like to spend my time. This post brings it home. The writer quit watching TV and started a business and funded his/her retirement.

Check out It’s a great new network of lifehack/productivity bloggers.

We all need to tell more stories. Do you agree?
If you are into personal development, the science of getting rich, and the law of attraction… Have I told you? You’ve got see Lyman Reed’s fantastic collection of free ebooks, audio programs, and videos at Creating a Better Life. He just added more this week.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the Law of Attraction. I hear people call it pseudo science. Whatever… It isn’t magic, it is hard work to harness the law. Aaron Potts debunks some common misconceptions.

Commuting is one the most inefficient uses of resources in the world (energy, time, and lost life). There has to be better way. GenX Finance shows you what it could cost you.

7 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet 8-5-07”

  1. Steve, thanks for the mention. Looks like I will be able to spend a few hours over at LifeRemix. Looks to be a great resource in the making.

  2. Out of those links, two I enjoy the most.

    LifeRemix is one – am a constant reader for some time.
    The photographers right. I just bought a digital camera and I like to snap everything in a shot. Not to mention that in two days I am leaving for a 12 days vacation in Spain, so lots of food to picture.


  3. Steve,

    Thanks for the link love, but more importantly, thanks for this great resource. You frequently have links to information about issues worthy of people’s time and attention, so – on behalf of the human race – I thank you! 🙂

  4. AD,

    I some places yes it is worse. A lot of it is non-english speaking immigrants. I’ve read that only 40% of the adults in Miami can read and write english. But I would guess another 40% can read and write spanish.

    In Detroit the literacy rate is 20-30% and most of them had English as a first language.

    In Minnesota where I live the literacy rate is over 80%, so in some places it’s much better.

    There are large segments of American culture that put little value on reading and writing. Even in my predominantly white suburban high school, many of the boys thought that reading was a stupid waste of time. Many of my friends back in those days never read anything. I don’t know if they could read well enough to enjoy it. I’d guess many of them couldn’t.

    J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books are beginning to turn this around. More American kids are reading today than 20 years ago when I grew up. So there is hope and I am so grateful for her for making reading cool. Even my 13 year old neighbor kid, who thinks school is stupid read the latest Harry Potter book. He has a lot of influence over the other boys in the neighborhood and now every boy around here has read a Harry Potter book.

    The key to literacy is building a love of language at a young age. That is missing in a large percentage of homes and the schools can’t fix it if families don’t value literacy.

    Actually I believe the schools are half to blame as well… kids learn to hate reading in school because of the way it is taught… but that’s for another post.

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