The Best of the Internet 8-25-08

I haven’t done an internet round up in a while, so here is some of the best stuff:

  • Tina Su quit her day job. Read about how she made her Dream a Reality. Congratulations.
  • Clay Collins is starting a new project to help you finance your freedom. Clay has guts. Now he is going after the biggest problem facing people – trying buy back their freedom. I look forward to his new project.
  • Chris Brogan writes about the importance of being funny. I like funny. I’ve been warned not be silly with this blog because it hurts my credibility. Is it ironic that the word blogger looks like booger or that the word blog sounds like something you should have surgically removed? Like, I just had a blog removed from my abdomen. Not funny? Lewis Black said blogging is just mental masturbation… Enough?
  • Louis Gray tells us what we need to know to avoid social media overload. Like nearly all Louis Gray’s posts on Web 2.0, it’s golden. I’m overwhelmed, but I’m not, because i just need to manage myself better. I’m also overwhelmed trying to understand what’s available and what’s needed, this post puts it all in perspective.
  • Another article from Charles Murray on how college prolongs childhood. If any of you have read Peter Drucker, you may remember that he didn’t want to enroll in the university, but his father insisted (he wanted to go directly into business). When he did enroll it was nearly free (not because it was government funded) and he didn’t have to attend a single class. That was in Austria in the 1920s. It was a place to grow your mind, not a factory to create degrees.
  • Matt Cutts at Google give us three tips for “company blogging.” I like his last one – Don’t Post When You’re Angry. That’s why I don’t post as often as I should, I’m angry all the time 🙂

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