The Best of the Internet 8-19-07

A buttload of people criticized me for making this post. Most said that it was too difficult for people to create a business that generates 10-20K in annual revenue. Is it easy? No. Nothing worth doing is easy, but it can be done. My wife created a home based business with $500.00 cash, working less than 3 hours per day with two children under five at home. Today it generates well over six figures in revenue. Was it easy? No she had to WORK at it and be intelligent. Wendy at emoms wrote a great post with ideas for home based businesses you can run in your underwear. Don’t listen to the negatism (sic). You can do it, but ya gotta be smart and you are smart.

People say I’m crazy doing what I’m doing
Well… they give me all kinds of warnings
to save me from ruin
When I say that I’m okay they look at me kinda strange
– John Lennon

You could spend 150K on an MBA and spend most of your life buried in debt or you could read this…

Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain but it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving – Dale Carnegie. The positivity blog gives us more wisdom on criticism.

These books have been banned? The forbidden library. Are ideas dangerous? Yes they are. That’s why we need more ideas. Push past your fear and think!

What does it take to be rich? It isn’t what you’ve been told.

What is the value of a college degree? Find out at life reboot.

The negative nabobs of negatism(sic) piss me off. Reality is getting better everyday. The world is improving on every level. Even the data is on my side. The best of times are right now… open your eyes. It doesn’t get any better than RIGHT NOW! ACT NOW! Sorry, but I had to shout it out loud.

Time asks a great question… Are we failing our geniuses?

How to blog by a blogger that has created tremendous results.

10 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet 8-19-07”

  1. This is a great post. I’m not surprised that you were criticized for that other post because some people have this extremely narrow view on life; especially when it comes to jobs and starting businesses. I’ve certaintly been on the receiving end of some criticism about my views so it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one who thinks like that.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Steve – I LOVED that post you wrote about kids and money – fantastic ideas and info. I’m definitely looking into that one! 🙂 -Wendy

  3. Thank you so much again for your uplifting and valuable posts. My favorite links here were the one on life getting better and the one on gifted education. You may remember the one other time I commented. Your quoting me in a later post was one of the most significant affirmations of my life. What you do means so much to me. That I may mean something to you brightened my entire week. I must again expound upon the failure of the public school system because I feel as you do that it needs to be emphasized that this is a real problem. We know because we lived it.

    As a student that took part in her school’s gifted program and has one of those (apparently) problematic high IQs, I found myself nodding and mouthing words of agreement throughout the second article. My school’s gifted program consisted of one three-year Humanities class which lost nearly all funding by my third year. We had to buy almost all of our own books and were unable to take home the few books the school already had since not every student could have one. (Interestingly, I note that almost every one of the books we read is on the list of banned books.)

    I was lucky to have a teacher that was committed to her class and to the free thinking of her students. I learned more from her in those three semesters than I did in all of my other classes over my entire high school education.

    In order to challenge myself, I had to take on unconventional extracurricular activities. My passion is foreign language and my school did not cater to that. I took four years of Spanish with straight A’s and do not feel that I can speak the language. My only other option was French, which was typically taken as a “blowoff” class. So I took my love of foreign language outside of school. I have taught myself Japanese to a level of fluency and am now starting to learn Korean, setting Mandarin Chinese as my next goal.

    This is only a small example. I could ramble about how the math curriculum killed my love of math. I could talk about how we colored maps in 11th grade history. I will only assure that such things happen and that they happen frequently. Fortunately I was able to learn at my own pace by doing further research or teaching myself. But I’ve seen one of the smartest kids I have ever met arrested and have seen uncomfortably intelligent students marked as mentally unstable.

    I am so angered by lost potential because I have seen it. I somehow managed to pull through, but not all do. We have to do a lot for ourselves. Self-education is essential. Being inquisitive is the best advice I can give.

    Positive thinking, the idea that the best day is today has helped me immeasurably. Our lives are improving. I know that things will get better if we work at it. Every day presents the opportunity to live better and fuller. My goals are getting closer. I will meet them.

    This isn’t a question of politics, religion, morals or law. It’s about one’s outlook on life and an inner joy at realizing that you make yourself free.

    Keep promoting freedom,

  4. Kristin,

    This isn’t a question of politics, religion, morals or law. It’s about one’s outlook on life and an inner joy at realizing that you make yourself free.

    You are so insightful! If we all decide to be free and responsible for our own lives and respectful of other people’s freedom then political freedom, religious freedom, and financial freedom will follow… for all of us and no force or coersion is neccesary. Inner freedom is all there is, the rest is an academic exercise.

    Thanks for reading…

  5. Unfortunately, I can tell a story similar to Kristin’s. Even the so-called “Honors” classes in my school were a joke to many of the kids in them.

    All that wasted potential pisses me off too. That’s why we’re going to homeschool. =)

    Reading that article made realize that we really do need equality in our schools – not equality of results, but equality of opportunity. Every child should have the opportunity and support to develop all of their talents and skills to be best they can be. Only then will no child be left behind.

  6. I am overwhelmed. I just ran across your site and I have to say, sir, you wield words with a clarity and passion that inspires me to no end. But you also have content that is BLOWING MY MIND. Which I find great. So thanks. I am really enjoying the plunge into your world and wandering through what you think. 🙂

  7. @Lisa – A lot of smart people are discovering ways to be more efficient with traditional energy resources. They are learning way to get more out of less. they are learning not to waste potential energy.

    So why do we waste people? People are the greatest resource on Earth. We can create the future and drastically alter our reality. The reservoir of untapped human potential is endless.

    You can’t save the entire world by yourself, but you can start saving it one person at a time, starting with yourself and then your family. Good luck with all your plans.

    @Diane – Welcome. I am glad you like my site. Thanks for the kind words and remember to come back often.

  8. Hi Again Steve and all,

    “These books have been banned? The forbidden library. Are ideas dangerous? Yes they are. That’s why we need more ideas. Push past your fear and think!”

    explains a LOT – I was wondering where all those classic classics we read in school disappeared to… you would not believe what my son has been assigned as “classic.” And when you mention the “true classics,” they haven’t a clue what you’re talking about… Burns my butt!

    And then as I came to comment, I saw Kristin’s comments, particularly:

    “This is only a small example. I could ramble about how the math curriculum killed my love of math. I could talk about how we colored maps in 11th grade history.”

    I thought it merely the Nevada school system and their apparently happy attitude to be at the very bottom (or so near it’s not worth mentioning the difference) each year. My (16 year old!) son, too, has had to COLOR pictures! Granted I can see the advantage to looking at and appreciating maps, but my god! How many opportunities to really learn pass these children by, though my guess is the Crayola company is very happy…

    You know I really need to get to other things today, LOL! Stop making such an excellent blog would ya?! 🙂

  9. Just an aside, but ‘sic’ is only used when you are quoting someone verbatim and want people to know the mistake wasn’t yours but rather is how it was written in the original. If you want to say it’s some funky buzzword that isn’t in the dictionary, then putting it in quotes is the way to do it. Or you could just use ‘negativity’ and be done with it. (Sorry if that was too negativism-ish. 😉 )

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