The Best of the Internet 8-12-07

First a quick anecdote:

Today, as I was sitting in my armchair with my 2 boys watching Tiger Woods win his 13th major championship, the announcer said there were 4 things that made Tiger the greatest golfer in the game:

·The ability to control his thoughts

·Which in turn control his emotions

·His ability to stay in the now – the present

·And his complete acceptance of what happens – good or bad

I know it is cliché… but… golf is like life.
A great golfer once said, once you learn how to hold the club, the rest is all in your head.


This hilarious set of pictures about real estate illustrates how we can all look at the same thing and see something completely different.

Violent Acres posts a great tale of poverty and entrepreneurship. This post did quite well on Reddit and several of the comments questioned the veracity of her story because she frequently posts stories that seem far out. I don’t question it because if I posted some of the stories from my life (which I still may, on another blog) I’d get the same feedback. Some of the stories from my past are so insane and unbelievable I wonder at times if it was a dream. I’ll just say this… I’m reading Hells Angels by Hunter S. Thompson (it’s an amazing piece of writing, but not for the squeamish) and nothing in his book surprises or shocks me because I’ve seen similar things first hand – I plan to write a piece of fiction based on my past – fiction only to protect the guilty… and myself from retaliation.

I love this post about Alan Watts, South Park, Matt Stone, and Trey Parker by Tony D. Clark. All these guys are inspirations to me. Go Tony!

I hate to be negative here, but the real estate market is in for a big correction (it isn’t negative if you plan to be a buyer a year or two from now). Have you seen how many homes are for sale in L.A.? Look at this example from Redfin. $412,000 for 828 sq. feet in a working class neighborhood with hundreds more for sale in the midst of a credit crunch? Prices will fall. It’s economics 101.

TED is an amazing group. TED gives us 100 websites you should know and use.

Are you too old to become an entrepreneur? Does youth always win in the game of innovation? Marc Andreessen gives us some data and inspiration for those of us over 35.

If you are looking for a high paying job – six figures plus. The rules have changed. Yahoo finance has the some tips. Be specific. Use a sniper rifle not a gill net.

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