The Best of the Internet 7-22-07

John over at the Business Owners Blog gives us an inspirational quote from Paul Orfalea. I love Paul and his entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks John!

Now I don’t know Mr. Taylor, but performances like this are one of the reasons my kids will never step foot in a public school. It frightens me the way he speaks of his dominating power over parents and children. Notice the way he seems to enjoy using fear and anger to control others. If his behavior here is indicative of his behavior in the classroom, this man shouldn’t be allowed near children. It actually appears from his language that he believes he creates children. Sorry Mr. Taylor… you’re wrong… you aren’t God. We are all granted unalienable rights from our creator… and you are not our creator.

Update: I just watched this video again… I have to admire his passion and his righteous indignation about someone questioning his salary. But bragging about stopping kids from using the toilet? Pride in keeping complete silence in study hall for 40 minutes? Pride in keeping them from working together? Making kids show their work in math is the single biggest reason why kids become disgusted with mathematics. How about giving a little credit to the kid when they learn?

Mashable offers up an incredible list of productivity tools.

Jonathan at Smart Wealthy Rich tells us what playing in a rock band taught him about running a business. Having played in several bands myself, I concur with him on each point. Playing in rock band will make you better business owner or manager.

Snap2objects presents a great list of Freeware Design tools. I need a design renovation, so I’ll be looking closely at this list over the next few weeks.

Adventure Dad blogs about how too many parents fail to take responsibility for their poor parenting and the effects it has on their children. They point the finger of blame. AD is right, we all must take responsibility for our own actions. No matter what we believe influenced us, we own our actions.

John Wesley wrote a blockbuster post this week. 78 Timeless Wealth Building Tips from Benjamin Franklin. Keep it up John!

Henrik at the Positivity Blog gives sound advice on conversation topics to embrace and topics to avoid.

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  1. Thanks for including me on your list. You should write up something on this subject yourself since your writing skills are in another division.


  2. Hey Steve, thank you so much for the mention, really appreciated! 🙂

    I’m so with you regarding that Mr.Taylor video. I would’ve been scared to death having a teacher like that when I was in school. He sure is passionate, but maybe a little too much. Scary!

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