The Best of the Internet 7-15-07

I recall Steve Pavlina calling people that post pictures of cats – post monkeys. Well, this post monkey is making 4K a week!

Blog Grrl tells a great tale. What kind of a pig are you?

Mark over at Unconventional Thinking asks, Are you willing to think so far through accepted reality that you can cross into another dimension? Anything less is mental chopsticks.

I enjoy Littlemummy immensely. If you have a toddler you’ll be able to relate to her posts.

I just wanted to do a name drop. A friend (I’ve had since I was 14) and former singer in my band, is pals with Big Mick – the soundman for Metallica. I first partied with Big Mick after the Master of Puppets tour at the Minneapolis Orpheum in ‘86 where he introduced me to James Hetfield and Cliff Burton (RIP – I still miss you man). I partied again with Big Mick in early 2002 when he was in Minneapolis running the board for Slipknot. Big Mick is a fantastic man who lives life to its fullest. If you met him, you’d know what I mean. Like Tony Clark, he lives life on his terms… and ya gotta respect that. This week, I stumbled across this by Big Mick.

Will Wheaton asks us not be afraid. I love Will’s blog, his retro pics and his free mindset.

3 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet 7-15-07”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you know Big Mick, that’s awesome. I used to be a huge metallica fan back in high school, not that I don’t like them anymore its just that I don’t have the time for music like I used to nowadays.

    Thanks for the heads up on the interview article. It’s great.

  2. Steve – I really enjoyed discovering Wil Wheaton’s site! I did not watch ST:TNG at all, so I missed all that drama (oh. darn.) but of course I knew of him, if only from Stand By Me. It is great to see someone so creative and talented making the most out of his life. Thanks!


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