The Best of the Internet 6-3-07

This is the most useful post I’ve read in a long time… simple…and dead-on.

Guy Kawasaki made a great post about the art of schmoozing. I found this useful… I have always found it difficult to schmooze and the larger the group the worse it gets.

I know people make fun of this inner child stuff… but it is really useful to anyone suffering from addictions, depression, or other mental health issues. Many times it is caused by an unresolved trauma in your past, and the only way to stop repeating self-destructive patterns is to resolve it now – sometimes this is called healing you inner child.

Liz stresses why it is important to be a good listener.

A blogger I agree with entirely. I find homework to be an invasion of privacy. If a school can send school work home with my child… shouldn’t I be able to send housework to school with my child? Seems only fair…

From Paul Buchheit, one of the inventors of Gmail and an early employee at Google… on how to stop wasting time on trivial crap.

Christine found this guy – Tim Ferriss – he used to work 90 hours a week and now he works 4 hours a week and makes just as much money. Tim’s an amazing man.

4 thoughts on “The Best of the Internet 6-3-07”

  1. Thanks for sharing JP Morgan’s Guaranteed Formula for Success!!
    That is exactly my mantra – plan small things everyday, do them, celebrate them big when completed.

  2. Definitely thinking more about homework and the concept of reinforcement. My own thought about school is that if one is there for 6 hours a day, that’s plenty of time to get a lot accomplished in terms of learning.

    At the same time, I know I’d want my students to review. And I’m not quite clear on how an empirical case can be built against homework.

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