The Best of the Internet 6-24-07

Nickel and diming yourself out of financial trouble rarely works. You need to invest the resources you have into the right things. I’ve worked for companies that nickel and dimed themselves out of greatness when they should have focused on their strengths and cut their weaknesses. Don’t drown because you refuse to let go of the cinder block.

John Wesley tells us how to Write Home Run Blog Posts as a guest blogger at

Can you create the next great web 2.0 business with an empty head? Tony D. Clark tells a great story.

Jonathan gives great advice on developing a sense of the big picture. I feel this is one of the biggest strengths a person can have. One of the key elements to successful living is thinking ahead and understanding the interconnectedness of things.

Andrew tells us what he wishes he knew before he started blogging. – I’ll tell you what I wish I knew… I wish I knew how much fun it is. Like anything, it is up and down, but I love writing for you more than most things I’ve ever done.

The story of how a six-month-old startup was purchased by Google. These stories are the exception, but the REAL get rich quick stories fascinate me.

The Art of Giving Up – I relate to everything said in this beautifully written story.

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  1. You can create the next great web 2.0 business with an empty head. Look at me. 🙂 Just joking.

    Great article round-up.

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