The Best of the Internet 6-10-07

Psychology Today has the best article of the year. Robert Epstein is interviewed about how adolescence is an artificial creation of the industrial age, and that human beings reach adulthood shortly after puberty. I agree with him, and I will take it one step further… our society creates troubled youngsters and then blames them for society’s problems, which has resulted in a war on young people – something I plan to expand upon in the next couple of days.

Excellent tips on finding the right words – by Chris Garret at Copyblogger.

Tips on writing a home run blog post by Jane May on

Tom… the home page is dead. Landing pages are the future… unless Google changes everything… which they will.

Digg brought down I wonder how this will turn out. I’ve had similar experiences – Digg has brought me down twice, and other days I made the front page of Digg and four other social media sites with no problems. I think it has something to do with how the ISPs balance traffic. It looks like Wendy is going to dig into it and let us know what she finds.

This series of photos is very thought provoking. Thanks for posting them ilker.

The great lists of lists at How to be an Original.

Christopher Warden asks – What’s more important, knowledge or self-motivation? I’d say motivation… but being motivated and getting things done results in knowledge acquisition…so maybe it’s a trick question. See what Christopher Thinks

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  1. Thanks for the pointer to the Psych Today article. We’re going through the teenage difficulties and I’d felt for some time that treating our boys like kids (even though they still act like it) only worsens the situation. I look forward to any future posts you have on the topic.

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