The Best Links You May Ever Follow

…if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

I was turned on to CalacanisCast after listening to a recent podcast of TWIT. Jason Calacanis linked to Blog Maverick where I found some of the best blog posts I have ever read, written by a man who knows what he is talking about:

The Best Equity is Sweat Equity

Success and Motivation

The One Thing in Life You Can Control Effort

The Sport of Business

Warren Buffett Taxes and the Presidency

I’ll stop writing now. I think you have enough to read.

2 thoughts on “The Best Links You May Ever Follow”

  1. I had “The Sport of Business” bookmarked so I can read it whenever I need to get the adrenalin flowing (my comment was #10 🙂 )

    Mark Cuban was listed by Forbes as one of the richest blogger in the world. I’m impressed that a billionaire blogs – how cool is that?

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