The Best Free Financial Advice You'll Ever Get

If you’re sick of the endless drone about the financial crisis and you’ve been waiting to hear something intelligent, Loren Feldman from 1938 Media said it. It’s simple shit. Watch!

5 thoughts on “The Best Free Financial Advice You'll Ever Get”

  1. I love it! This should be the next clip on CNN, CNBC, and all of the rest of the crap we are subjected to. Along with this we must find a way to get a pill that fixes stupid into manufacturing and we are all set! Lol This is great, thank you for sharing. Have a great week!

  2. Joe,
    I agree, this financial crisis is a crisis of intelligence and common sense. The sense of entitlement is outrageous. There are people who think they can run businesses that don’t make money, buy homes they can’t pay for, and have lifestyles they can’t support. I am preparing a post about why financial crises and recessions are a good thing. They humble us. They remind us to be intelligent. They remind us to be grateful.

    I haven’t had much conversation on this post. I’m surprised.

    You have a good week too.

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