Success is 99% Failure

Sochiro Honda – founder of Honda Motor Company said – Success is 99% Failure.

What did he mean?

When I first read this quote I thought – what a pile of BS double talk. But as I grew, I understood consciously and intuitively what Mr. Honda meant.

To understand Mr. Honda, I turned my attention to my own life. I’ve spent my entire life failing at important stuff…

  • When I first walked, I fell
  • When I spoke I stuttered
  • When I wrote a d it looked like b
  • When I wrote a b it looked like a d
  • When I sprinted I puked
  • When I rode a bike I crashed
  • When I played football I fumbled
  • When I was a student I failed more classes than I passed
  • My first three girlfirends either dumped me or were nuts
  • When I ran for political office I lost – Thank God!
  • When I started a dot com in 1997, I worked 90 hours a week for two years and never made a dollar
  • When I drove a truck, I dumped 2,000 gallons of paint (by accident) in a parking lot and created an environmental hazard (we cleaned it up)
  • When I first drove, I totaled 4 cars
  • When I first used Windows 95, I trashed the entire file system
  • When I first administered data I deleted an entire customer database without a backup – and I lived to talk about it

That’s just a few of my failures. Believe me, I have a lot more. My failures used to haunt me. They used to inhibit me from trying again.

But today I believe…

The day you quit trying and concede to your demons is the day your soul dies.

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10 thoughts on “Success is 99% Failure”

  1. Wow, powerful post. Just this post alone has given me hope about a few things I’ve struggled with this week. Thank you for this post — along with some words of encouragement from fellow bloggers, this has made me feel like what I’m doing is worth the effort and struggle.

  2. This is a great post.

    ‘The day you quit trying and concede to your demons is the day your soul dies’

    Wow, I got the opportunity to explain that to a banker of mine one day when we had a heated meeting about my lack of cashflow and ability to pay his loan payments.

    He told me I should settle, and not grab for the brass ring, and I politely thanked him for his comments, and explained that the day I give up and settle is the day that my soul dies.

  3. I can’t agree with you any more. Life is not always filled with comfort, when we are faced with failures, we should never lose self-confidence, just keep going on~~~~

  4. what honda meant is actually that 99% of all people will fail, so only the 1% left can be called really successful, that’s why game of chance is so cruel

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