Stuff I Clicked this Week

Every weekend I list a few of the things I read the previous week.

Why Continual Learning is so Important at Cultivate Greatness. Travis Wright reminds us never to stop learning. Good Advice.

Why Gratitude Makes You Happier and Wealthier at Christine Kane. Christine reminds us of the importance of gratitude.

7 Reasons Why Personal Blogs Rock at Darren points out how useful it is to learn to write with a personal blog.

Credibility at Smart Graduate School Applications. This writer makes a good point about increasing your credibility by showing a negative trait.

Making Money Consciously at Steve writes a stellar piece on why making money isn’t immoral.

The Art of Mystery at The Copywriter Underground. Great tips on keeping readers interested.

What is Your Mythology? at Shards of Consciousness. Rick gives us some insights on religion and spirituality.

Seven Ways to Beat Procrastination at Cultivate Greatness. An excellent article on beating procrastination.

Five Things to Trump Your Fear at Success from the Nest. Tony gives us insights and tips on how you can fight fear with pain.

The End of Potty Training at Adventure Dad. I’m jealous. I’ve got one trained and one to go.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I Clicked this Week”

  1. Don’t be jealous, I’ve still got one to go as well…. She’s four months and but thankfully doesn’t poop three times a day as my son did at that age. Fast metabolism is great but it means lots of diapers….


  2. Hi Steve – Thanks for including me on such a great list. I always find some cool stuff on your “Stuff I Clicked this Week.”

    I’ve got two down and one to go. I thought it was supposed to get easier, but then again, is anything with kids ever predictable?

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