Steve's Best of the Internet for Feb 11th 2007

The Essense of Being an Irrepressible Entrepreneur – Ben gives us excellent business insights from Greg Balanko-Dickson

Is Fear Actaully an Asset? – Tony Clark turns a common weakness into strength

5 Tips for Better Communication – Nneka helps us be better communicators

News Flash: If You Think That You’re Going to Make Money Off a Blog You’re Fooling Yourself – Great insights about making a living blogging

Josh Kaufman on Education, Authority and Stupidity

What if Today is the Day? – Craig Harper on changing your life forever

A Guide to Writing Well

Inside the Monkeysphere – David Wong gives us a creative look at human sociology. Warning this post contains the f-word

Individualist vs. Libertarian – on Flada Blog – Where Young Libertarians Blog

Paris Spence-Lang – 12 year old blogger. Smart Kid! Presented by John Chow

How to Leverage Positive Thinking into Blog Traffic Surges – Wendy gives us insight into the ups and downs of blogging

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