Something Big is Happening

As many of you know, I used to be active in the Republican Party but when they talked about small government and liberty, their actions told a different story. Today, Republican leaders have grown the American government to an unprecedented size and are stripping us of our civil liberties at a frightening pace. While they still talk about small limited government, there isn’t a sliver of evidence that the current Republican leadership has any intention of reducing the size of government. I gave up on them and vowed to never support another small government phony.

But I still cared deeply about personal freedom. I cared about the future of America and the world. The political animal inside of me didn’t die. So I looked for a new political home. I knew there were hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of others just like me. Most of us stayed home on election day 2006 and the Democrats took back the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate. The change of congressional power made little difference. After the 2006 election, congressional approval reached an all-time low of 14%

Until very recently, I planned to sit out 2008 as well.

Several months ago, I first heard about this long shot running for President, Ron Paul. But I didn’t think much of him. I’ve heard too many hollow promises before.

  • Then I heard his principled positions during the debates.
  • Then I heard he raised 5 million dollars in the 3rd quarter.
  • Then I heard he has refused his congressional pension plan on principle. Refusing one of most generous pension plans in the world, worth millions.
  • Then I learned that over the past 30 years he has voted for human freedom and liberty, never flip-flopping.
  • Then I heard lobbyists don’t even bother knocking on his door, because they know he isn’t for sale. 
  • Then I heard he is the top choice of US Military personnel. The troops have raised more money for him than any other candidate.

But I was still on the fence.

Then, last week, as Christine and I were watching Ron Paul on YouTube, I said to her, “This guy is the perfect candidate. I’ve never seen a guy this good. But I don’t want to get excited. He can’t win.”

She looked at me with the look. A look that says, quit talking like a fool – I thought you were smarter than that. And then she said, “Why not? Get excited. What an opportunity. Finally a guy we can vote for.” 

So with that kick in the ass, I jumped off the apathy fence and landed in Ron Paul Country.

The next day I went to and donated $100.00.

Two days later, I called Marianne Stebbins, his Minnesota campaign chair and volunteered to be a precinct captain.

A few days later I went to the Ron Paul Campaign headquarters and got a few bumper stickers and a lawn sign. That’s where I bumped into a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter. He noticed that I was an outsider, that I had just stopped in off the street with my family and asked for campaign material. When he asked me why I was interested in Ron Paul I said, “For me it’s simple, he is the only honest ethical man running for president. Not only that, I like most of his ideas. Did you know George W Bush has outspent LBJ? Hillary won’t be any better. If you asked me three weeks ago, I wouldn’t have thought I’d be standing here saying this, but it’s true, Ron Paul has cured my apathy. For me Ron Paul is the only candidate worth voting for.”

The day before, at work, I walked back to the shipping dock to talk to the guys about Ron Paul. When I mentioned him, they already knew about him. They agreed that he had a great message, but everyone said, “He can’t win.”

Thinking about that, I paused a minute, and said this, “If we keep telling each other this, we’ll never elect a decent candidate. If we don’t believe an honest man can win, someone with good ideas, we’ll never get an intelligent honest president. We’ll keep getting the same corrupt power hungry clones. We have to believe we deserve better than Bush, Giuliani, Romney, and Hillary Clinton. Do you like any of these candidates? I can’t believe anybody likes these guys. But for some reason we believe they are the only ones who can win. But it isn’t true. We get to decide who wins, not the media. Ron Paul is the best candidate for president I have seen in my lifetime. This is the guy we’ve been looking for. Don’t let the opportunity slip away because you don’t believe he can win. He can win, but it is up to us to believe it. The pundits said Jesse Ventura couldn’t win and he did win. It was guys like you that elected him. Ron Paul is ten times the man Jesse Ventura is. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.”

I don’t know if my little speech changed any minds. These guys are seriously jaded. And you know what? I don’t blame them.

Jesse Ventura was a major disappointment, but he showed us what was possible if you can turn out the young, the disaffected, and the apathetic.

A guy at work who has never voted in his life is on fire for Ron Paul. If the 30-40% of Americans who do not vote, voted, it would turn the political world on its head.

I have a brother in northern Minnesota who I would describe as liberal (in the American sense of the word). He’s into organic farming, alternative medicine, eastern philosophy, anti-corporatism, and a myriad of environmental and health related issues. When I talked to his wife this weekend (he was in the middle of BF North Dakota helping to ease a housing shortage) she said my brother had been researching Dr. Paul and he didn’t care if Dr. Paul was a Republican, he was seriously considering supporting him because something has to be done, the government has gotten completely out of control, and they’ve got to start listening to us. If my brother is supporting him, something big is happening.

So right now I’m telling everyone about a grass roots effort to get people to give Ron Paul a $100.00 donation on November 5th 2007. The goal is to get 100,000 people to donate $100.00 at on November 5th. The result will be 10 million dollars in a single day, which would be an unprecedented event in the history of political fund raising. If we pull this off, the mainstream media could no longer ignore us. The best way to send a message right now is to vote with your dollars. Christine and I will donate $100.00 each on November 5thYou can register at this website to pledge your support for this event. But don’t feel you must register to participate. I haven’t registered, and I know a dozen people who have not registered that will be participating. The important thing to remember is to give what you can on the 5th of November. I will post a reminder on 11-5-07.

Dr. Paul will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight 10-30-07. It is a great opportunity to see him.

I want my regular readers to know th
this blog will not become a “Ron Paul site.” But I may post occasional stories about my involvement in his campaign.

This is life. It’s happening right now. Don’t miss anything, click and subscribe.

53 thoughts on “Something Big is Happening”

  1. BillOGoods,

    I’ve been around a while, and I’ve heard all this before. I voted for Bush 1 twice, I have my picture with Bob Dole when I ran for the State House. I then held my nose and voted for Bush 2 twice.

    I keep hearing just hold on… just hold on… we’ll get a real small government guy someday… we are just trying to fend off socialism…

    Oh bullshit!

    Here’s the record… I looked it up so I could talk about about it at the caucus.

    U.S. Federal Spending when Bush took office in 2001:
    1.7 trillion

    U.S. Federal Spending when Bush Leaves office in 2009:
    3.1 trillion

    82% increase
    That doesn’t include the war. The war is off-budget and puts total spending near 4 trillion.

    U.S. Federal Spending when Clinton took office in 1992:
    1.3 trillion

    U.S. Federal Spending when Clinton Left office in 2001:
    1.7 trillion

    21% increase

    Please don’t tell me I should hold my nose and vote for another big government Republican. I will not. I will not cut my own throat. I will not vote my own freedom away. I will not be complcit in the rape of America.

    There is no evidence that the current leadership of the Republican party has any inclination to reduce the size of government. And why should they if we continue to vote for them even when they increase it faster than the Democrats?

    I have faith we’ll turn this around one way or another. But the Republican Party has been co-opted by big government socialists masquerading as small government conservatives. Until they change thier mind they can have their party without me.

    McCain is another one of those assholes that tries to to out spend the socialists to deflect criticism. He has no respect for the constitution or the rule of law. He is an opportunist and a charlatan.

    I’ve spent almost twenty years on this, and I’m done waiting for the small government leader to come along.

    I will not be fooled again. Enough already!

    There ya go, I’m angry now.

  2. Well, nobody is fooled. It’s not like we all don’t know what is going on. Your solution, however, is to place somebody even worse in office. If you point is to get Clinton or Obama elected so a fiscal conservative can ride in 4 or 8 years later, then two things:

    First, you better say that’s your strategy so we all know what were talking about. Otherwise, your vote for Ron Paul is “pushing on a string” and, therefore, meaningless. Whether Ron Paul has 6% of the Republican vote—and he is a Republican—or 15% is not significant.

    Second, we better understand this strategy results, in my opinion, in the following: A weak military subjecting us to foreign manipulation and capitulation; spending that will make “W” look like a fiscal conservative, to wit, universal government run health care, government regulations to fight global warming, that will choke free enterprise, Supreme Court judges like that blithering idiot Ruth Ginzberg, and an economy that will genuflect to Big Government for years to come. Did I mention an open boarders policy that will benefit no one except liberal politicians promising more and more?

    The US populace will become very used to having these benefits “free” and more and more will depend on the public dole in one form or another. To stop this Leviathon will take armed revolution. That just isn’t going to happen.

    So, my conclusion is as I set forth. If you’re impatient or expect perfect outcomes, you aren’t on board. I understand that. To me, momentum is the key. Enough like minded people can create that momentum toward smaller government, low taxes, pro business, and freedom oriented policies. But, I’m not going to sit by and commit the ultimate sin, in my view, of in some manner or fashion accelerating this ugly future. Voting for the socialist or not voting at all, in my view, accelerates this ugly future. So, the only way, my man, is to work with the hand that is dealt.

    I’m sure many lost hope in the 60s and 70s before Reagan. Those were bad times for the real liberals—that would be us. Government advanced and everyone thought Communism was the way of the future. Yet, those ideas lost. I think what we see today in Obama and Clinton is the smeariest of the political lot, but those socialist ideas are gasping their last. Free markets, small government, secure boarders, and breaking the back of extremists abroad, before they break us, are all ideas that still hold the moral high ground. They need to be articulated and explained without apology by OUR, i.e., the Republican, political class—it takes more than talk show hosts.

    Again, nobody is fooled. If we were bing fooled, we wouldn’t be strategizing right now to push the country in the right direction. You are fooled, I dare say, if you sit by and do nothing or, worse, sit by and cast a meaningless vote or a vote for a socialist. Ron Paul, a good man, isn’t the answer. I respect him. I agree with his domestic message. I don’t agree on his foreign policy. Many, better, more skilled people can be groomed for this task. That’s the only way we don’t get screwed.

  3. I’ve given this more thought—and I don’t want to waste everyone’s time here so this will be very brief. The concept of libertarianism is an ideal political (and economic) philosophy. Put is is AN ideal. No society can be said to have ever been libertarian—even this country at its founding. Our Constitution is as close as it gets. It specifically limits the powers of the federal government. You and I both know Article I, Section 8, has been trashed by the United States Supreme Court and those powers expanded for pragmatic purposes. I won’t go into detail, but the 1930s Supreme Court jurisprudence expanding the powers of Congress set in motion the seeds of socialism. It started with Social Security and all the useless New Deal programs and has been plummeting downhill ever sense.

    The absolute joke of “a living Constitution” that the Supreme Court can manipulate to its political ends sickens me. The “living constitution” crowd has never sufficiently answered the following question: If the Constitution is a living, breathing document the interpretation of which was intended to change with changes in our society, why does it have a mechanism for amending it? What purpose would there be for amendments by vote of the people if the Founders intended it to be changed by interpretation of the Supreme Court as society changes? B, effing, S is what that is.

    If our Founders had been clairvoyant, I’m sure they would never have used the term “general welfare” in the Constitution as they would have known how that term would be taking on a meaning the Founders could never have contemplated and, in the minds of scoundrels bent to serve political, not judicial, purposes, formed the “justification” for all manner and sort of mischief in legislation by the Congress, assisted by the Executive Branch—all attempting to consolidate power.

    My point here is: we are never, at least in our and our children’s lifetimes, going to lift the “etch-a-sketch” screen and erase all the social legislation, expansion of congressional power, and reduction of state power that his been wrongfully, even fraudulently, foisted on us. We must, however, get the momentum in the that direction.

    How do you do it? It’s not going to happen over night. It can only happen over time. “Conservatives,” i.e., the real liberals that respect and treasure liberty—social and economic—and limited government, must, at the grass roots start electing people to the congress and senate that believe in these principles and are not apologizing when they articulate them. That is how, today, on February 9, 2008, we start momentum in the direction of small government and liberty.

    We don’t take our ball and go home. We don’t whine that we’ve been “fooled.” Honestly, folks, there are published cases from courts, even recent ones, that uphold the ancient principle that it is not a crime for politicians to lie—purposely tell a falsehood (i.e., as long as they are not under oath). The Founds knew it was up to the citizens to weigh and assess truth.

    Like every system, it’s an imperfect system, but it still gives the power to citizens if they choose to wield it. Let the stupid, the ignorant, the naive, and the apathetic stay home. The sons and daughters of freedom and liberty can still prevail, indeed work their magic by speaking their mind without apology and supporting for office the like-minded in their vote.

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