Safety is a Trap

Safety is a trap. It is also an illusion that is turning many of us into spineless blobs.

Safety watches re-runs. Risk writes the next smash hit.

Calculated risk turns mediocrity into excellence.

Life reminds me of crossing the Missippippi headwaters on stepping stones when I was a kid.

First you must decide to get to the other side.

Then you size up the risk. How far is it? Can you make the leaps? Are the rocks slippery? What’s the worst case scenario? Do you know how to swim? If you fall, do you get wet or do you drown?

You make the first first leap. You land safely. The water’s rushing by. You make a few more leaps. You’re halfway there. The next leap is much farther than it looked from the shore and the rock you need to land on is covered in slime. The water is deeper than you realized. You look back at where you came from. You look forward again. You focus. You find faith. You leap. Your foot lands on target, but slides out from under you and you fall backward into the water. You grasp at a boulder and catch a ridge in you finger tips and crawl back onto the rock. With bruised pride, dripping wet, you look back again, you look forward, you find that same faith, and make the same leap again. This time your foot sticks. From here the rest of the leaps are easy. You stand on the other shore, knowing you’ve accomplished something difficult looking for the next challenge.

Andy Liu inspired this post today.

Life is so much more refreshing and invigorating when there is risk involved.

Hop over and read his post.

6 thoughts on “Safety is a Trap”

  1. Safety is not a trap, it is a responsibility. The amount of required safety is different for everyone but it is still necessary. Safety is the difference between calculated risk and dangerous risk. A single man with no family and very few financial obligations will calculate his safety requirement differently than a married man with 2 kids that has a mortgage and a car payment. It is irresponsible for someone to take risk that puts their life or their family in harm’s way without first considering their safety net. Betting your life savings in a casino is a very bad idea, even if you win.

  2. Risktakers are the way makers. In other words, the people who give this world much needed change are the risktakers. You can only be as helpful to others and yourself as the risks you are willing to take. Risktakers are the ones who step outside the box, push themselves past their comfort zones, and often demonstrates that there are no limits. All of human beings progress rests in the hands of the courageous risktakers.

    Thank you for inspiring post! 🙂

  3. There is a big difference between safety and freedom and most strive for safety and think its freedom.
    And yes safety is an illusion, nothing is “safe”, anything can happen to us.
    I think its about being proactive and keeping your eyes out.

  4. It seems to me it would be helpful to find out as much as you can about the rock before you leap. A little information can sometimes save you an uncomfortable fall. For example the stones across the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca are cemented in. with that information one can make the leap with less apprehension. Could excessive apprehension be a problem for people? But regardless of how much or how little information you get, you still need to make the jump.

  5. LeRoy,

    It’s great that you know the place.

    “the stones across the headwaters of the Mississippi at Lake Itasca are cemented in”

    They are now…
    But they weren’t when I was a kid…
    and it’s yet another sad situation. Safety over freedom.

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