Please participate in the Happiness Project!

Alex Shalman just launched the Happiness Project. Alex is interviewing a bunch of notable bloggers about happiness, he is sponsoring a group writing project, and giving away a bunch of prizes. It’s great way to learn more about some of your favorite bloggers, to share something about yourself, to build links and traffic, and maybe even get some free stuff.

4 thoughts on “Please participate in the Happiness Project!”

  1. That’s a great project. I wish you would post something based on what your interviewees said about happiness. It’s interesting to take a peek into what notable bloggers can say about happiness. How come you’re doing a project on happiness, and not love or peace?

  2. Jay – I chose happiness because in my mind it tops the charts. You can have love but still not be happy (yes, it’s possible), you can even have world peace, but still not be happy), likewise you can have inner peace, but be peacefully unhappy.

    When you are happy you are being the kind of person that is happy. For you happiness might involve love and peace, for others it might involve money and women, for someone else it might mean health and success… it’s all relative to the bringing up and expectations of the individual.

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