Olson Raises the Stakes – Get a Link by Helping Kiva.org

I hate losing… And right now Wendy only has 49 community members and I have 58 community members. So I need you to join Wendy’s community now!

That’s right, I win if Wendy has more community members than me. (I made a small screw up about this yesterday, sorry!)

Raising the stakes:

I will post a link to any blog post that asks it’s readers to join Wendy’s MyBlogLog community and pledges $5.00 (or more) to kiva.org.

If 10 or more bloggers ask their readers to join Wendy’s community and the blogger pledges $5.00 (or more) to kiva.org, I will add an additional $100.00 to the pool for a Kiva.org entrepreneur. So ‘cmon and step up, your small pledge could mean hundreds of dollars to a struggling entrepreneur in the developing world… and you get a link to your blog.

If you decide to participate…
Send me the link to your post.


I was getting worried…
Bit I had two takers today…

Scott Davis – Who is Shamelessly Sucking Up – and runs a great blog
Hugh Hollowell – Who’s Political Incorrectness is the best – because he loves Kipling

Don’t worry guys… I’m going to add more links when we win.

9 thoughts on “Olson Raises the Stakes – Get a Link by Helping Kiva.org”

  1. Since I’m so new at blogging I had never even heard of MyBlogLog, but I’ve just signed up. But I won’t be helping you since I’ll probably add both of you when I figure out how.

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