Minneapolis Bridge Collapses

I feel the need to comment on the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. I have spent the last 25 years in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and have crossed that bridge thousands of times. A co-worker of mine was stuck in traffic on the bridge minutes before it collapsed, but he made it across not knowing how close he came to tragedy until he turned on his television later. It is amazing the difference a few minutes can make.

I am grateful no one I know was hurt in this tragedy.

And remember, even in this tragedy there are positive stories. Sometimes things like this bring out the best in people. A man jumped from his burning truck and helped rescue a bus full of children. Every restaurant and coffee shop is donating food, drinks, and coffee to the rescue workers. We have a strong courageous community of people here that are willing to drop everything and help others.

79 people were injured and an unknown number were killed. Dr. John Hick of the Hennepin County Medical Center said, “It’s somewhat of a miracle that it was that low.” So I guess we can be grateful the number was not higher.

My heart goes out to the families of all those that were killed and injured in this accident. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. Steve,

    As I got this news late last night, I spent quite awhile thinking about it, and as tragic as it is, some good things will eventually come about as a result.

    At a bare minimum the community will come together, and it is very likely that stricter codes will now be put in place for bridge safety.

    In addition, as I searched for something to be grateful for, the answer came almost immediately:

    Due to construction, that bridge was only half as full as it normally is at that time of day. As tragic as the episode was, it would have been more than twice as bad if construction hadn’t kept so many people off of that bridge.

    That may seem a small consolation to those who lost someone in this incident, but I’m sure that it makes all the difference in the world to people who weren’t on that bridge at that time who normally would have been.

    – Aaron

  2. As with all tragedies both good and bad will come from this. The death count is at 4 and they can see dead people in the cars they cannot yet reach. My prayers to those that were killed, injured and those not yet recovered and their families.

  3. A sad story. I have seen and read the news about it in our local newspaper here in Malaysia. Anyway, behind every tragedy, there is good things about it. No doubt. God knows…

  4. As much as I hate to politicize this, it would be nice if the good people of the Twin Cities would reconsider giving so much of their (and their involuntary neighbors’) money to millionaires by building the Twins a new ballpark, and maybe instead put some of that money into fixing aging infrastructure.

  5. Don’t worry Ed…
    It’s already been politicized. People are saying the government isn’t spending enough on transportation and infrastructure. I’m not going to argue that they are wrong, but they are also talking about the need to raise taxes to pay for it. No! Our state, federal, and local governments have more money than any empire in history. Giving them more will only fuel the beast. What we need is a law that says they can’t freaking borrow any more and force them to use the money efficiently.

    You are right Ed…
    The first thing to give up is stadium money, then money to build theaters, then the money that subsidizes giant corporations like Wal-Mart. Then work your way down from there. The problem isn’t that the government has too little, the problem is that it does too much and spends too much. it does all this glamorous stuff and doesn’t do the basic things it should be doing because it’s invisible grunt work.

    Governor Pawlenty, who I’ve met, and is actually a pretty good guy (but he has done a lot of things I disagree with) is going to be thrashed for this. The State of Minnesota has had massive spending increases under Pawlenty, many years in the double digits, but his critics still scream that it isn’t enough. That is why I can’t see giving the socialists anything. It is never enough. Nothing will get them off you back. Accept it… they are insatiable.

    But the Jesse Ventura administration is far more culpable. He lobbied for and spent billions on a light rail system that carries about 100 people at a time from the Mall of America to downtown Minneapolis. We could have rebuilt every deficient bridge in the state for the amount of money he spent on one stupid 15 mile stretch of railway. And Jesse had the gaul to call himself a Libertarian. What kind of Libertarian spends billions on a totally useless train that had no change of alleviating traffic congestion and loses money every time it runs?

  6. @MBD,

    I am no fan of GWB. But the political bullshit that is already happening is sick. I’m so weary of politicians. They have no shame.

  7. I’ve been thinking recently how important community help is.

    You give something to the community, you pay taxes and stuff like. If they are there for you when you need it, that’s the greatest thing.

    Kudos for those rescuers, for those that donated even a few cents and for those that had at least good words about these guys.

  8. TErrible stuff. Incredible that not more people were injured. Sadly, I think mit shows that the infrastructure across teh country is in bad shape and getting worse. The longer we wait with fixing it, the more expensive it will get.

    This time it wasn’t even flood and the bridge still collapsed. Funny people are blaming this on Bush. I don’t like him but is it really a good idea to blame everything in the world on him? WHat happened to a little accountability?

    Nice weekend


  9. Just saying my hearts and prayers are with the community. We have a bridge here in Portland that is rated as extremely unstable- it’s not a major bridge, but it gets its fair share of traffic. And, it’s a huge drop into the Willamette- “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

    After working as a paramedic for years, I know there is a such a slim line between who is caught in tragedy, and who walks away.

    So, to repeat myself: my prayers and thoughts are with everyone affected in any way.

  10. What a senseless tragedy! My heart goes out those who lost their loved ones and I’m thankfull it wasnt much worse as It could have been.

    It’s so inspiring to see communities come together at times like this, but I wonder at the officials that allowed something like to happen. And, I’m sure somewhere along the line, it’ll come out that this bridge had problems that weren’t addressed. How sad.

  11. I just want to say, I appreciate all you folks that are thinking about us here in the Twin Cities. I appreciate the comments.

    One big positive about this is that it makes you reorganize your priorities. It makes you ask… What is the best use of the of my resources? Time? Money? Community? What should I be doing now that I may be putting off until it collapses? My health? My marriage? My family? My community? My finances? My life?

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