Looking for Good Small Business Advice – I've Found Some

When I find something great, I need to share it.

Many of you who come to this site, either have small businesses or want to start small businesses. No matter which one you are, you need good information about building a profitable small business.

I’ve tagged a few blogs “must read daily” in my feed reader. One is Shoemoney, written by Jeremy Schoemaker a self-made internet celeb. I’m sure most of you know Jeremy’s story, but if you don’t you can read it here.

I read Jeremy because he is a proven leader in blogging, internet marketing, and small business. But this post isn’t about Jeremy, it’s about someone else I learned about from Jeremy…

It’s about Andy Liu’s new blog, Inspired Startup.

Andy Liu is a serial entreprenuer and angel investor. You can read his story here.

Using blogs, social media, and the internet, we can learn directly from proven leaders like Andy without ever having met them. For me the internet is the classroom of my dreams. I actually feel sorry for those that don’t understand or refuse to accept the power of this new medium. We now have access to people, information, and markets in ways that were unthinkable a generation ago.

You can learn these golden tidbits from Andy right now:

The Secret to Starting a Successful Company

Negotiations 101 – Quick Tips for Successful Negotiating

How to Get a Great Deal on a Lease

I’ve found Andy’s content so inspiring and useful I’ve added Inspired Startup to my “must read daily” list.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Good Small Business Advice – I've Found Some”

  1. Good links Steve, I’d not come across Andy’s site before. Lots of good advice there about how to run a successful site – even if you’re not using it as a business the same principles apply (like know your target audience).


  2. That’s a great list. Thanks for the links, really useful for anyone new to setting up a small business.

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