Leader Wanted – Please Apply Within

If we have a shortage of one thing in America… it is leadership.

I just heard our President on the radio this morning attempting to scare the shit out of us. That isn’t leadership.

A real leader would say:

I’m not going to lie to you. I believe in you and I know you can handle the truth.

We may have some tough times ahead. As a nation, we’ve over spent and we’ve accumulated too much debt. Housing prices grew too high, too fast. Huge numbers of Americans gambled and speculated and lost. There is very little we can or should do to prop up these assets. Their peak value was phony.

The good news is, if we take our lumps now, this will be relatively short. About 6-18 months. We are innovative and hard working and we will make it through this. Once we have cleaned the sludge from our economic engine, we will emerge stronger than ever before.

We are not wimps. We are not cowards. We will not run from this challenge. We will not pay off our sick mortgages with another toxic mortgage. We will not dump this on our children and our grandchildren. We will face the consequences of our actions because we have the courage and the integrity to accept responsibility for our own greed.

The government in partnership with big finance created this problem. Many of us made the absurd assumption that real estate prices could not fall and we were wrong. I’m am going to do everything I can to insure this never happens again. I’ve released a 25 point plan to prevent the government from creating another economic bubble.

The government doesn’t make this economy run, you do. The answer to this problem doesn’t lie here in Washington. We created the problem and it is pure hubris to believe we can fix it with more debt. Don’t look to us for the answer, looking to us got you in this mess.

You, the American people are the answer to this problem. Get out there and work hard, innovate, compete, and create. BUT DO NOT TRY TO GAME THE SYSTEM! Create real value for each other and you will be just fine.

You will make it through this because you are resilient and for the first time in many generations we are going to face the situation we created.

7 thoughts on “Leader Wanted – Please Apply Within”

  1. I second Daniel’s statement. Well said.

    On a side note, we have a shortage of something else in this nation: integrity. The losers refuse to accept that fact, and are shaming the whole nation into a deep ditch so that they might feel better about their miscalculations.

    On a side note to that, I would feel pretty bad if I bought a house between 2004 and now. A family that I know bought a house in 2005 and lost it. They were lied to — I saw the contract and I know the timeline. The mortgage company actually sold their previous home before papers were signed, insisted that the actions were consistent with the “earnest money” they had put down (their house), and that they were doing my parents a favor. The statute of limitations has passed. The home is, obviously, worth much less than they paid for it. The family is in the process of filing bankruptcy now. They too think this bailout is unnecessary, despite their loss.

    We need more integrity in this nation. No one person is inherently better than any other. Hard work and dedication should should be rewarded, not the promise of it.

  2. As my business has grown I have unsubscribed to many blogs and newsletters. Yours is one of a handful I will keep. You are so wise and insightful with your words of wisdom. As I struggle to balance motherhood, marriage and being a mompreneur, many times I feel like you are speaking directly to me and many times your words are what gets me through that day with a smile instead of a scowl.

    I wanted to say thank you.

  3. I am a fan of progressive radio, the greener the better, I recently discovered MSNBC because of Rachel Maddow show, she is from progressive radio. I will never watch another cable news network, before I found MSNBC my local tv news provided more accurate information than cable news. The truth is out there we just have to know where to find it. Today we have so many resources at our disposal that being uninformed is just plain …

    So I understand your rant here Steve and rest assured WE THE PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE HALF OF IT.

    I have one thing to share, everyone make sure you get 10 people to the polling station to vote on or before Nov 4.


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