Is This Funny and Cute or Should I Be Locked Up For Posting It?

The picture is of Bill Lindsey the lead singer of Impaler and his 4-year-old son. (circa – 1988)

Do you and I share any of the same reactions to this picture?

I laughed out loud when I first saw it and felt warm and fuzzy at the same time. I was curious if it would provoke similar emotions in other people. A Heavy Metal dad and his pre-school son isn’t something you see everyday.

It’s thought provoking because it defies convention.

I love the irony. The over the top imagery of Heavy Metal combined with the innocence of childhood – like Spinal Tap meets Donna Reed.

I was afraid to post this. Humor is risky. But then I read this post about risk and improv by Jane Chin, and then I read this from Copyblogger and it was sealed and delivered.

I take life way too seriously and I need stuff like this to break that habit. I get the impression – surfing the web – I’m not the only one taking life too seriously, especially around Election Day. It appears there are millions of people in the world without a sense of humor and it scares the crap outta me! 🙂

The negativity surrounding Election Day was getting to me and I needed to do something light hearted. Somebody once said to me “You know the problem with Liberals? They got no sense of humor.” A day later someone else said, “You know why I hate Conservatives? They’re too uptight. They can’t laugh at anything.” So who’s having fun? The independents? 🙂

Christine Ulrich who sits outside my office has this picture pinned up in her cube. When I saw it, my intuition said, ‘you gotta post that on your blog’. It says something; I’m not sure what it says, but it says something. Maybe it says – quit taking yourself so seriously and have some fun. I wrote Bill and asked him for permission to use the photo, and he said I could use it as long as I only ripped him and not his son.


I’m not going to rip on you or your son. Christine tells me you’re a wonderful dad and you’ve been doing what you love for over twenty years, that’s more than many of us can say. Thanks for letting me use the picture. You’ve been at this a long time; your persistence will pay off – Good luck opening for Twisted Sister.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite personal development rock and roll quotes…

Free your mind and your ass will follow
– George Clinton

Ain’t No Fun Waitin’ ‘Round to be a Millionaire
– Bon Scott – AC/DC

Crazy, but that’s how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it’s not too late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate
– Ozzy Osbourne

12 thoughts on “Is This Funny and Cute or Should I Be Locked Up For Posting It?”

  1. Sorry, I didn’t get any warm and fuzzy feelings, nor did I laugh (well, it did strike me as funny-weird at first glance). I think it means more if you actually knew who the guy is, and even more if you knew the guy personally. But without that – the feelings I got were: how cheesy it looked, and uncomfortable it made me feel. Maybe I have no sense of humor.:)

  2. Not laugh at loud, but it made me smile. You can see the family resemblance, and similar expression. Reminds me of Hook when one boy says “Peter Pan’s got kids!?:

  3. I just got another email from Chris Campa at And he indirectly pointed out something I saw sub-consciously in this picture and I think it’s why I was drawn to it.
    Chris said – “Not knowing him as a dad, I had no
    reference point -just the contrasting dark and light, strong and weak, anger
    and innocence. ”
    Yeah! That’s part of it. Like a Yin-Yang visual metaphor.
    Night creates Day
    Winter creates Summer
    Shock Rock creates innocence
    I know, I know, that might be a little much, bit it is there isn’t it? The yin and the yang.

  4. Steve —

    After seeing this, I found myself thinking of a Christmas MTV video of a duet by Bing Crosby and Davie Bowie I saw years ago. Or the night Steve Martin hosted Johnny Carson with Pat Boone as a guest. (Martin mocked Boone throughout the interview, apparently without square old Boone catching on and Boone finally said “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were making fun of me.” To which Martin said “I am.”)

    I was taking life (and myself) way too seriously until fairly recently. It was only a few months ago I had a breakthrough moment in my personal and spiritual development — I shouldn’t be who I thought I should be, I should just be myself.

    You know, it’s a lot easier to remember who I am that way.


  5. I have prediction. When this guy’s kid gets older, he’s going to be thinking, “how in the h*** can I rebel against a heavy metal father?”. So he’s going to start wearing a suit and tie to school, join a snobby fraternity, become President of the Young Republicans, and start passing our Bibles everwhere…

    Bill Lindsey is going to go NUTS

  6. Daniel,
    The Bowie/Crosby duet was performed on the Bing Crosby Christmas Special in the mid 70s. Long before MTV, but MTV may have re-aired the song. They sung “The Little Drummer Boy.” I remeber watching it live with my Mother. It is a very happy memory for me. Man, am I grateful for memories like that! I love Christmas! I love Bowie! Thanks for reminding me.

    Bill’s son’s name is Zach and he is now an adult. I don’t know if he rebeled or not because I don’t know either of them very well. But I do know Zach has been part of Impaler’s show for a while, so I doubt he is part of the Young Republicans or passes out bibles, but ya never know. I’ve seen stranger things in my life. I once ran into three guys wearing “Pat Buchanan for President” shirts at an Ozzy concert and I approached them and said, “What’s the deal? I figured guys like you would be outside protesting” and one of ’em said, “No, I’m here for the show, I love Marilyn Manson and Ozzy.” He seemed serious. Go figure.

  7. It didn’t make my smile. It does make me think more about who the person is and not to stereotype a person just from looks. He might be the best father ever but that’s hardly what I would think looking at the picture. That’s a shame and not how I want people to look at me.


  8. So I was off work and surfing and found this place and thought I would join up. I don’t have much more to say right now except I need to start reading some of the older posts to get up to speed before I can start posting.


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