I want to let you know that multiple cold viruses and influenza hit me and my family over the past several days, so I haven’t been making substantive posts. Time and energy are scarce right now. But I promise you I will be back with a passion this weekend.

So instead of rambling on about cold medicines and fever dreams, I’ll send you to a mental awareness test I found awakening.

Can you trust your mind? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this test.

7 thoughts on “Influenza”

  1. Wow great video on mental awareness. I saw the gorilla but ignored it while counting the balls, but I completely understand the importance of the lesson.

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  3. Interesting test. I completely missed the gorilla as I was focused on counting the ball passes. In fact, I deliberately avoided noticing anything else other than the people in white. Now if the instructions were to count the ball passes and see what else you notice about the others, then that might have been a different story. So I’m not sure if this is a test of overall awareness or if it is a test of the ability to avoid distractions (which is a constant practice during meditation). Hehe, it could also say something about a tendency towards independent thinking versus “doing what you’re told”.


  4. Get better soon (and the rest of your family, too). Those Minnesota bugs are among the hardiest. I know because I grew up in Two Harbors, MN and Osceola, WI.

  5. Nice. I saw the gorilla immediately, but, to be honest, I was trained. I saw several times on the Internet those jokes in which a beautifull, partly naked girl, is staying on a boat deck, watching the sky. The label is: focus on the picture, and then you will see, in about two minutes, a boat :-))

    Joking, of course. But it’s always refreshing to observe how the brain really works. One of my favourite activities, by the way…

  6. I didn’t see the gorilla, but my concentration is pretty good so I’m not surprised. An excellent demonstration of attentional direction.

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