Increase Your Traffic with BlogRush

You want more traffic to your blog, right? I do too. So after visiting my favorite evil doer on the net, I signed up with BlogRush. It is already going viral and could drive more traffic to your blog than a six figure marketing campaign.

Here’s how it works. Add the BlogRush Widget to your blog. On this blog it appears on the sidebar just above the fold. Each time someone views a page where the BlogRush Widget appears, it creates a “Syndication Credit.” So, if you had 2,000 page views today, a link to your blog will appear 2,000 times on other blogs which run the BlogRush Widget. What’s even better, is each time you refer someone to Blog Rush you will receive “Syndication Credits” for their page views as well. So let’s say I have 5,000 page views a day and you choose to sign up at BlogRush right now and your blog receives 10,000 page views a day, a link to will appear on other blogs 15,000 times a day. I signed up through John Chow, so he’s going to get a link for every page view on this site.

Subscribe to at -I’ll post my traffic results from BlogRush soon.

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