How You Can Help Those That Suffer

As a member of the Positive Blog Network I try to keep my posts positive. Even my post about leaving the Republican Party had a positive ending – my nephew escaped destruction.

But not all stories have a happy ending. Some stories end in tragedy. Other stories are still being written, and that’s where you can create a better ending. I believe you and I will create a better tomorrow.

When I think about the suffering in the world, I get emotionally overwhelmed (sometimes depressed) and I want to turn my thoughts to something positive. But It’s too easy to deny the suffering and human rights violations occurring right in our local communities. Sometimes you have to face the fact that things aren’t they way they should be and only you can make a difference.

When you read about worldwide suffering, the scale of the problem can paralyze you, because you don’t know where to begin. While you can’t do everything, it’s important to do something, so pick something and give what you can.

So how do you pick something?

I decided to look at the people closest to home that were least likely to receive any help – the pariahs of our society – American prisoners.

Some are dangerous and belong in prison and some are not dangerous and do not belong in prison. But that isn’t what motivates me. Let me tell you what motivates me…

No one deserves to be tortured. For many prisoners the American prison system is an emotional, physical, and sexual torture chamber.

Like you, I am grateful many prisoners are not walking the streets. But I’m sure you would also agree that no one – even a prisoner – deserves to be beaten and gang raped. Many people in our penal system suffer decades of beatings and gang rapes. Rape is not an acceptable form of punishment.

If you feel uncomfortable and a little sick right now – be thankful… you have a conscious.

Over the last several months you’ve asked how you could help support this site.

Well… Here is your chance…

Right now… as I write… in every state in the United States… human beings are being tortured in government institutions.

Please give generously to this non-profit.

5 thoughts on “How You Can Help Those That Suffer”

  1. B.D.

    The research on indicate it has been a major problem for much longer than the Drug War. It appears to be mostly an American problem and it started in the early 20th or late 19th century.

    Can overcrowding be blamed, yes I’m sure it adds to the problem, but the real problem is that the institution allows it to continue with no recourse for the victims.

    Another problem is racism in prison. American prisons are the most racist institutions on earth. Racist gangs use rape to attack and humiliate other racial groups. California tried racial segregation to mitigate this problem, but the supreme court ruled that they cannot use that method anymore. I think they were using segregation until 2004 or 2005.

    Openly gay men in prison are the most victimized. Homophobia in prison is another major problem. As strange as it sounds… attacking an effeminate man may make you look more masculine. In other words, victimizing another person protects you from being a victim.

    Young men are also more likely to victimized.

    Another problem is that no distinction is made between violent predatory offenders and non-violent offenders. If the violent offenders (rape, murder, robbery, assault) were segregated from the non-violent offenders (DUI, Drugs, Forgery, ID Theft) the incidence of prison rape would be greatly reduced.

  2. grass roots efforts are the things that really change this world. It may take time for a result to eventuate, but speaking, writing, communicating about why things should change is the key driver. The change happens at the political level when the mood of a society has shifted.

    We can apply pressure – these things are NOT ok for our governments to be doing. And winking at it is an act of complicity.


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