How to Build Confidence

What is confidence?

  • It is believeing in yourself
  • It is believing in others
  • It is trust
  • It is faith

How do you build it? By learning to think any way you want to. Let me explain.

Thanks to Lyman Reed, I’ve been listening to The Focus Society of Over Achievers which is hosted by Chuck Bartok. It is a radio talk show format, where people discuss some of the top Personal Development books ever written. A few days ago I started with Episode 1 and I am hooked. Today they were discussing the chapter on faith from Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. And a thought occurred to me…

Napoleon Hill never mentions confidence, only faith. Faith has gotten a bad rap lately hasn’t it? Then I thought…

What’s the difference? Is there any? You can swap the words ‘have faith’ and ‘am confident’ in any of these sentences, can’t you?

  • I have faith that the sun will rise tomorrow.
  • I am confident my car will start when I turn the key.
  • I have faith that my wife will feed the boys in the morning.
  • I am confident my sons will make it to school in the morning.
  • I have faith I will have income tomorrow.

I could be wrong about any one of the above statements, right? Why am I confident? Why do I have faith? Through my powers of observation, I have seen these things consistently repeated. I believe they are probable, even though I can’t be sure. So how do you build faith/confidence? Repetition and practice.

Some say our current economic crisis is a crisis of confidence. I guess it could also be called a crisis of faith.

How is courage connected to faith and confidence? Closely, right?

So how do you keep confident, courageous thoughts in your mind? The same way, repetition and practice. Confidence isn’t something that just happens, it requires effort to build.

After all this thinking this morning, I opened up my reader, and like magic, the first post I saw was How Can I be More Confident by @TimBrownson. Like all great coaches, he knows the secret to confidence/faith. The secret is changing the way you habitually think. In his post he has a brief story about Stuart Anderson and an exchange Stuart had with the media.

At the resulting news conference a journalist asked ‘Stuart, how did
you do that, how did you make that shot?’ Stuart looked puzzled ‘What
do you mean?’ ‘How did you hit that shot after missing more than 20?’
‘Well I’m a 50-50 shooter said Stuart, so do the math. If I’ve missed
so many the odds were stacked in my favor, how could I miss?

The journalist thought for a second and said ‘Ok, so if you’d have
hit every attempt then the math says no way could you hit, so would you
have asked the coach to draw a different play? Are you nuts, said
Stuart, if I’d not missed I’d be on fire, how could I have missed?’
‘But you can’t have it both ways’ ‘Yes I can’ said Stuart ‘I can think
any way I want to.’

You build confidence and faith by learning to think like Stuart Anderson.

3 thoughts on “How to Build Confidence”

  1. You know what, Steve… I’ve been listening to the recent Focus Society live calls, either as they are happening or after as a podcast – never thought of going all the back to the beginning and downloading them. Duh… Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  2. I’ve listen to them on my ipod on the way to work. I also listen in bed before I go to sleep. Yeah, I like what Chuck is doing. It is something I’ve wanted for a long time. Success talk radio. As opposed to “I am afraid and hate everything” talk radio.

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