How do you define success?

After reading Paul’s post at Homeowners Blog. I asked myself the question – how do I define success? Here is my answer:

  • Success means knowing I do the right things for the right reasons.
  • Success means not compromising integrity.
  • Success means I share with those who need my help.
  • Success means I give my time to my family.
  • Success means providing value to others.
  • Success means living up to my commitments.
  • Success means building a community – not a network.
  • Success means looking in the mirror and liking what you see.

Notice how money and title isn’t in my definition? Title means nothing to me.

I believe money is the by-product of living a successful life – not the measure.

I want to know your definition of success. Go ahead and post it in comments.

For more on the definition of success, check this out.

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  2. Succes can not be defined by happiness — b/c you will then have to define happiness — and so on ——- Succes can not be measured by accomplishiment — b/c ones achievements are simply the product of perservierance —– I think succes is a bi-product of character —– in the end I believe its one ability to inspire to have the inate ability to have others do things not b/c you asked but b/c they want to whether it be becoming a better person b/c so and so is or making the right choices b/c they know thats what you would do

  3. Success is happiness. Happiness is success. You define the happiness. Happiness doesn’t have to be your own alone. Remember happiness is a part for everyone.
    I see true education as happiness. Being truly educated is success. Claudwyn, I can safely say success may be defined by one’s education, not in one subject or area.
    I know success is the hard road, but if you wanted to succeed you have to drive yourself there. No shortcuts; you will have problems waiting for you at the end. you will not HAVE happiness if you take shortcuts; it will be deserved for others who take no shortcuts, naturally. Lol.

    Your definitions of success is your own happiness, if you intend it to be. There’s no wrong. If you know one thing, do well with and about it, that is your success. You may want to move on to another thing and do it well, that’s called success, in same way.

  4. Success is the process of determining what you really want to do in life and then doing it! Like the man who runs the corner gas station, or the high school basketball coach because that’s what they really want to do! When U R doing what U really want to do, U’ll become really good at it and the finances will be good because U have been doing what U wanted to do. Find out what U really want to do, then start doing it, and You will never work a day in your life!

  5. Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourself. do not merely lookout for your own personal interest, but also for the interest of others.

    That is sucess!

  6. There is no single path to success but the way I see it depends on how you define the word success.
    I define success as:
    • Doing what I say I am going to do.
    • Living the Truth.
    • Providing value to others.
    • Living each day in the moment.

  7. Long story short.
    I failed once and I said to myself that I will never fail again.
    That is why I am a success.

    I also do not set limits for myself. VERY IMPORTANT.

  8. I think success is doing something your heart disires and accomplishing it. Money isn’t about what success is, I think that happiness is the MOST important thing to most people’s lives. Well, fuck it :] .

  9. be a perfect man in the world with the perfect maners is called success, achiving the goles by own base its real success

  10. Success? why bother about it. You could still live, you could still breath, you could still sleep, even if you know not a thing about success.

    It is better to live a life that is not dictated by being successful. It is freer, and more relax.

  11. Success means doing things that you want to do. There might be a few who would tell how different you are from them/others (like saying “it’s just that you don’t act like normal”) or discourage/criticize you.

    Well don’t be discouraged by them. But instead, take it as a challenge. Some people are just being jealous because they can’t do things that you can do. Or it might be that they see you who can do things better than they do. The worst is that they might have some insecurities that they themselves are aware of that’s why they point their fingers to others whom they see as weak.

  12. success for me is being fulfilled with what i am having now..that looking back from my past,all the struggles,hardships i’ve gone through i am still here,standing strong and moving on…

  13. positive thinking is the first recommendation to achieve success. Write down your goals and dreams. Then, take action. Always engage yourself in learning. Be determined and work to achieve your goals. Be analytical. Dissect your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t treat your errors as a blow that will get in the way of becoming extraordinary. Innovate: don’t blend in with everyone else. Be different. Learn to be honest, reliable, and an effective communicator.

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