Help Fund Sergey Mischenko

Sergey Mischenko runs an auto supplies business in the Ukraine. He wants to expand his business and hire two more employees, which will provide income to two more families.

In the spirit of competition and entrepreneurship, eMom and I fought it out in the MyBlogLog Community Building Challenge, and we were able to raise $100.00 for Sergey – capital Sergey needs to expand his business. A special thanks to Lyman Reed and Kammie for donating their winnings to a entrepreneur.

Wendy at eMoms was inspired to help Eunice Nyokabi Thiango and her readers helped put Eunice on the front page which resulted in full finding in 11 hours.

If you’d like to spread love and entrepreneurship around the globe, go ahead, click the link below, and give Sergey some help.

Sergey Mischenko

3 thoughts on “Help Fund Sergey Mischenko”

  1. Was that not the best feeling in the world to end our competition this way?!!

    I’m thinking about donating 5% of all my blog earnings on a monthly basis to Kiva – talk about feeling all warm and toasty inside.. 😉

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