Happy Independence Day!

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the U.S. It is a tradition to light fireworks, but in many states fireworks are now illegal. They are going the way of cigarettes in a bowling alley. An American staple now considered too dangerous for civil society.

I love fireworks. I love big ones, small ones, legal ones, illegal ones. I love ‘em all. I loved blowing the hell out of things with M-80s when I was kid – too bad those suckers are still illegal. I’ll be lighting fireworks tomorrow night and so will most of my neighbors. I can’t think of anything more ironic than a law against fireworks on Independence Day.

Peter Hartlaub writes a funny piece about Fireworks for the San Francisco Chronicle.

So here in the states – have a happy and free Independence Day everyone!

And if you’re going to shoot fireworks – have fun and don’t get caught.

8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Amen! The 4th of July exists to celebrate civil disobedience — something many Americans would do well to remember.

    It’s also a great time to go back and read the Declaration of Independence. It’s a truly radical set of ideas.

  2. Can you buy fireworks in Pennsylvania? To the best of my knowledge, yes. Can you use them in Pennsylvania? No.

    I was never much of a fireworks guy. Bottle rockets, firecrackers, and sparklers were about my speed. Wait. Don’t forget the snakes. But to blow things up to blow them up? I never really got it. Like most Americans, though, it’s not the 4th of July without a pretty light show in the sky.

    Happy Independence Day, Steve.

  3. Rick,

    But to blow things up to blow them up? I never really got it.

    Maybe it’s just a primordial desire deep within our cosmic nature to re-live the Big Bang. 😀

    Happy 4th

  4. ..but I’m canadian – we celebrated the 1st of July (which is canada day).. but i still partied on both days!


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