Guest Writers Wanted

Two announcements:

I’m seeking guest writers for this blog – People Pursuing Freedom.

Why Write for People Pursuing Freedom?

  1. It is great place for a beginning blogger to start building an audience
  2. It is a great place for an established blogger to expand an audience
  3. It is great way to build links and traffic

A few guidelines

  1. I will exercise full editorial control.
  2. Keep it original. It must be your work.
  3. Keep it unique. Don’t publish it on other sites, including your own.
  4. I will publish posts on political topics, but keep it positive, impersonal, and idea driven. I will not publish any post which directly criticizes a person or candidate. No conspiracies or dire warnings. I don’t want any posts about how the economy is going to collapse, how the nazis/commies are taking over, how the planet is going to burn up, or how the president is going to haul us all away to concentration camps. Plenty of other sites post that stuff. Just look at the front page of Reddit. Nuff said?

Good Topics are (but not limited to):

  • Personal Development
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Finance
  • Productivity
  • Entrepreneurship



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