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My friend Lyman Reed has put together a fantastic new personal development site. The best part, everything on it is free. In fact, I like this site so much, I want everyone to find it. The dirty little secret about personal development materials is that there is very little new about any of the expensive programs. Most of the expensive stuff is just repackaging and rewording of old information combined with a few personal stories and new analogies. Almost everything you need to know is available for free on the internet. You want to make a difference in the world, right? Can you think of an easier way than promoting free information which will increase the human potential of everyone it touches?

I want as many people as possible to find this free information, so I have an offer you can’t refuse.

If you review Free Personal Development Material on your blog/website, contact me or leave a trackback to this post, and I will publish a link to your website. Not only that, Lyman Reed has agreed to publish another link to your site on Free Personal Development Material. How can you refuse a deal like this? It is a win, win, win.

Here are a few of the features you will find on Free Personal Development Material:

From 50 different authors:

Stop by and see his wares. You could spend a month at his site and not soak it all in.

Don’t forget to send him a note, leave a donation, and visit his sponsors.

Thanks to these websites for taking part in this promotion:

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Ellie Walsh at Living the Law of Attraction

Daily Plan It

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11 thoughts on “Free Personal Development Material”

  1. Hi Steve….

    I absolutely agree that Lyman’s new site is filled with Great, Free Personal Development Info….

    But I am not surprised as I find Lyman Reed to be a truly giving person!

    When I heard about his new site – I made sure my readers also learned about it at my site –

    Thanks for spreading the word!!

  2. Very cool idea – I’m checking out the MP3s and PDFS now. Would be great to download stuff to read offline later. I hope that’s possible. I just found this Steve-olson site as a result of Zencollegelife’s link. Thanks to bot h of you. -Vern

  3. Hey there Vern,

    I hope you’ve enjoyed the site. I’m really trying to focus on what you mentioned… mainly downloadable material. I think I’ve only posted one link that was streaming online only (the original recording of “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale), but I did include a way to capture and save it using Audacity:

    And thanks for your site as well… you just may see a post about your “Meditation Without Religion” ebook up there soon.

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