First Clicks of 07

These are my favorite clicks of the year… So far.

Corrupted Research – I’m not sure I buy all of this, but it sure is a fascinating look at research. It makes me think… so I like it.

Personal Freedom – I may blog about this post in the future. There is some good stuff in this essay. The first couple of paragraphs focus on government but if you aren’t into the political stuff – stick with it – there is some great stuff in it about her personal discoveries.

Legalizing Markets in Happiness and Well-Being – Part I and Part II are fascinating to read. This guy has a great story.

Jack Canfield – A great man

The Ordinary Mystic – I enjoy this blog, I just wish there were more posts

7 Rules for Maximizing Your Creative Output – These are great tips for boosting your creativity.

Does Adsense Suck for Bloggers – This was Darren Rowse’s take on Guy Kawasaki’s complaint about Adsense.

An Underdog Story – I’m a sucker for the underdog.

Unusual Property – I thought it would be great to own an old fire station. I’m not sure why, but it sounds cool.

50 of the Best Personal Development Blogs – I wish I had time to read them all.

Highly Sensitive People Blog – I am highly sensitive. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

4 thoughts on “First Clicks of 07”

  1. Hey Steve! I’m glad you enjoyed the Boise State underdog story. I wrote the article about a week ago and was about to toss it since I thought it was a little off-topic, but decided “oh what the heck” and posted it.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Things got away from me over the holidays, but I’ve got some more posts in the works. I enjoyed looking over your list, too.
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for a great list, I am always happy to discover new and exciting blogs. I am now going to check out those 50 PD blogs.


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